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<transcy>Matthew 5-7 The Sermon on the Mount (Matthieu 5-7 Le Sermon sur la montagne)</transcy>

John Stott
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What is more familiar in the Bible than the Sermon on the Mount? Who does not associate the straw and the beam, or the Beatitudes with the name of Jesus? Induced into temptation by this familiarity, many are those who expect nothing new from their reading ...
No one will open their eyes better than John Stott ...
The proximity of his commentary to the Sermon of Jesus itself does not prevent his constant attention to the present world. We feel him nourished by readings and reflections as well as by the experience of the globetrotter with an open mind ... He is sensitive to the community vocation that the Sermon addresses, outside of individualism and collectivism, these two symmetrical disfigurements of human.
-Henri Blocher (extract from his preface)

Table of contents
  • List of abridged works
  • Preface
  • General introduction
  1. The personality of the Christian: the Beatitudes
  2. The influence of the Christian in the world: to be salt and light
  3. The righteousness of the Christian: Christ, the Christian and the Law
  4. The righteousness of the Christian: neither anger nor lust
  5. Christian justice: fidelity in marriage and integrity of speech
  6. Christian justice: beyond non-retaliation, the gesture of love
  7. To be a Christian, practice without hypocrisy
  8. The Christian's prayer: no to repeating, yes to reflection
  9. The ambition of the Christian: not to material security, but to the justice of God
  10. Being a Christian in front of your father and brothers
  11. The Christian and the false prophets
  12. Christian commitment: a radical choice
  13. Who is this preacher called Jesus?
  • Small bibliography
  • Index of authors
  • Index of Biblical References

Author : John Stott
Publisher : Grace & Truth - University Bible Groups
ISBN : 978-2-85331-061- 1
Pages : 240
Publication : 2017
Weight : 305 g
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback

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