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<transcy>I too would like to believe! but... (Moi aussi je voudrais croire ! Mais...)</transcy>

Raphaël Anzenberger
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“I too would like to believe! But… ”Frankly, it's a lot to ask with everything I see around me: war, suffering, intolerance… Believe, perhaps, but not at the risk of losing my lucidity or refusing to see reality in the face! But after all: believe in what, believe in whom? And how to believe?

The idea that religion belongs to the Middle Ages, a time when you could believe anything and everything, remains popular. Over the centuries, different currents have contributed to creating a climate hostile to the idea of ​​God. That is why, many try to break with the traditional religion, by exploring other ways.

The author proposes to you to rediscover the one who invites you to believe, Jesus Christ. He lived on our earth 2000 years ago. He still embodies today a confusing image of God, different from the one left by our distant memories of catechism.

This captivating work responds to the most frequently raised objections against God. Here the reader will find food for thought and discover that the Bible is rich in answers that stimulate thought and quench the thirst of the human heart.

Author : Raphaël Anzenberger
Publisher : BLF Éditions
ISBN : 978-2-91024-641-9
​​Publication : 2008
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 125 g

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