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<transcy>My happiness to the test (Mon bonheur à l'épreuve)</transcy>

Stéphanie Koumarianos
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After a chaotic adolescence marked by violence and the loss of a father she admired so much, Stéphanie set out in search of lost happiness.

His encounter with God marks a real turning point. Its existence takes on a new meaning. Her marriage is fulfilling her like never before. As she strives to know better this God she has just discovered, she even dares to address a prayer to him that will change the rest of her life.

Everything seems to be shattered to pieces: infertility, disability, pain, loneliness appear when they have never been invited. And after years of struggle, an unlikely thought begins to emerge: what if hardship is not a hindrance to happiness, but, on the contrary, a tremendous contribution?

A moving story, tragic at times, often poignant, and ultimately the bearer of unsuspected hope.


Stéphanie Koumarianos lives in the Paris region. With her husband Matthieu, they founded My Gospel Church, an innovative Church in Paris that welcomes people in search of meaning.


“Without restraint, the author tells her story and her passage from human shattering to restoration. A deeply moving and inspiring story of faith. » - Sebastian Demrey, artist and producer of the Heritage


"This book is a book of the extreme . Extreme suffering, whose violent waves have swept through Stéphanie's life. We are not far from Job. Extreme sincerity, until the revelation of facts that a couple usually conceals in their privacy. Extreme sensitivity. Extreme joy during extraordinary deliveries. Extreme capacity for expression, which makes the reader share something of the dramatic reversals told. Extreme of the experience of a God who transforms suffering into blessing . The book shakes, and imposes the question: is the God that I pray the true God, the extreme God intervened for Stephanie, or a comfortable image making a screen between Him and me? » - Henri Blocher, theologian and author


Author : Stéphanie Koumarianos
Publisher : BLF Éditions
Publication : November 2017
ISBN : 978-2-3649-416-1
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 15 x 22.5 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 384 g

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