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<transcy>When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography (Mon mari est accro à la pornographie...) </transcy>

Vicki Tiede
by Impact
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In this practical book, Vicki Tiede uses her personal experience and the stories of twenty-five women who went through this same period of deep anguish to tackle this "hidden sin" that destroys marriages . She is interested in the struggles women experience when they feel betrayed, broken and lonely, and she offers biblical advice for undertaking a workable plan of action in which God is present every step of the way.

Through daily readings and questions on six important topics - hope, surrender, trust, identity, breaking and forgiveness - the author gently guides wounded women to God and helps them to walk towards healing and hope, even in the midst of the difficulties of their marriage.


Vicky Tiede (M. Ed., M. Min.) is an author, Bible teacher and speaker. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota (United States) with her husband and children. In addition to caring for her children's education at home, she coordinates the women's ministry at her church. She deeply enjoys studying the Bible with women to let them know about God's grace and faithfulness.


“A porn epidemic is devastating homes around the world, and for every addicted husband, there is a heartbroken wife. There are, of course, abundant quality Bible resources to help men overcome their addiction, but their wives have been greatly neglected. I am grateful that Vicki filled this gap. In a sensitive, biblical and personal work, she accompanies, as a friend, wounded women and guides them to the hope and peace that only the Gospel can give. »
- Tim Challies, pastor; blogger ; author of Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn

"This is an exceptional, vital, precious and indispensable resource for women today, especially Christian women. (I'm sure men would benefit from reading this book, too.) Vicki presents overwhelming information with gentleness and grace. She puts herself at the level of the women who will read this book and whom she really cares about. She wholeheartedly wishes to comfort those who suffer from a broken heart. I recommend this book which is a source of consolation, strength and hope. It is steeped in prayer and filled with Bible verses. »
- Elsie E. Woolf, M. A., Certified Christian Counselor, National Coalition For Purity

"When your husband's infidelity rocks your world, God can seem distant and the Bible bland. This book will be a breath of fresh air during those times. Having found herself in this situation, Vicki can afford to challenge us to turn to the True Source of our hope, strength and healing. By fusing hopeful stories, helpful information, and Bible teachings, she fills a gap in healing because she touches on topics that are missing from other resources. »
- Melissa Williams, Head of Women's Ministry, Pure Life Alliance

"Sincerity, restoration and integrity are the words I would use to describe this work. This most comprehensive book will help women cope well with their husbands' struggle against pornography. As I read this book, I have seen the restoration that has taken place in the lives of some women. Each chapter (week) takes you to the next step in restoring your life and your relationship with God. In week five, Vicki writes, "This book is meant to lead you to discover how your broken heart can be transformed into a work of art under the skillful intervention of God." Having betrayed the trust of my own wife, I understood from reading this book that it was important for me to see the devastating effects of this addiction on a marriage. I advise any man who wants to reestablish his relationship with his wife to read this book after she has finished reading it. He will then see his porn addiction in a whole new light - and that will be a good thing.
- Brent Barrowcliff, Transparent Ministries (; Freedom Begins Here (

“Vicki Tiede accompanies the millions of women whose husbands are addicted to porn, heals their broken hearts and gives them hope, as only someone who has been through a similar situation can. »
- Bob Tiede, Director of Leadership Development in Global Operations for Campus Crusade for Christ International

“If you are one of the growing number of women who have discovered that their husbands are losing the battle against pornography, Vicki Tiede offers you an insightful and practical guide that offers you Christ-centered restoration and hope. Be sure to incorporate this book into your healing journey. »
- Michael John Cusick, author of Surfing for God: Discovering Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle

"Vicki Tiede comforts the bruised, broken-hearted women, and urges them to 'fix [their] eyes on him who calms storms and raging seas, and [to] find peace in the midst of the storm" . This book, which directs us directly and with compassion to the grace of Jesus Christ and the healing power of his Word, has refreshed and aided me in my ministry to battered women.
- Ellen Dykas, Women's Department Coordinator for Harvest USA (www.; author of Sexual Sanity for Women

“I will recommend that women read this book. It will be a valuable addition to therapy; in addition, the relevant questions interspersed in the book provide an opportunity to study one's own feelings, truth, and faith. The author writes in a simple style and approaches a difficult subject with grace and truth.
- Margaret P Moore, M. A., Addiction Counselor, Registered Nurse, Marriage and Family Therapist, Experiencing Moore, LLC

Table of contents


Week 1: Hope
Day 1 The truth revealed
Day 2 A need for hope
Day 3 Mourning
Day 4 When the wind blows
Day 5 Today, we're fighting!

Week 2: Letting go
Day 1 Giving up on pleasing
Day 2 Giving up on controlling everything
Day 3 Giving up on fear
Day 4 Giving up on guilt < br> Day 5 Give up anger

Week 3: Confidence
Day 1 Lies, lies, and more lies
Day 2 A well-placed trust
Day 3 A sure support
Day 4 L 'intimacy
Day 5 Needs, desires, insatiable desires and aspirations

Week 4: Identity
Day 1 Courted and chosen
Day 2 God's plan
Day 3 The trap of comparison
Day 4 Esteem personal
Day 5 Irreplaceable

Week 5: The breakages
Day 1 Dualistic thinking
Day 2 Looking at yourself in the magnifying mirror
Day 3 Acknowledging and confessing your sin
Day 4 Crossing the 'test or grow out of it
Day 5 A new mosaic

Week 6: Forgiveness
Day 1 A choice
Day 2 Do not forget, but do not take revenge
Day 3 The hard truth
Day 4 Create a environment conducive to healing
Day 5 He sees and redeems

Annex A
Annex B


Original title : When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography
Author : Vicki Tiede
Publisher : Edition Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-337-2
Publication : July 2019
Pages : 310
​​Format : paperback
Dimensions : 6 "x 9"
Weight : 422 g

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