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<transcy>Multiply (Multipliez-vous)</transcy>

Francis Chan
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"Follow me": this is the command that Jesus gives to each of his disciples. He comes with a promise: to prepare and equip ourselves so that we bring others to follow him.

Multiply Yourself is a guide to help disciples and disciple-makers walk together. Let's learn how to multiply disciples using concrete tools and studying the fundamentals of the Bible.

For each of the 24 chapters of the book, find an online video on . Francis Chan meets the author of Follow me , David Platt, for a guided tour of Multiply yourself .

A passing of the baton: this is what this book wants to be. Disciple, study the Bible and in turn become a disciple maker!

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Francis Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1967. Pastor and international lecturer, he is the founder of Eternity Bible College and is involved with the poorest in the world. He is the author of the bestseller Crazy love *. He is married to Lisa. They have five children and live in California.

Mark Beuving is a professor at Eternity Bible College. Her passion is to explore the many ways through which God speaks and transforms every area of ​​our life. He is married and the father of a family.

Table of contents

Introduction: A book, resources

Living as a Disciple maker
1. What is a disciple?
2. Making Disciples: An Order!
3. The heart of the "maker" of disciples

Living the Church
4. Living in the Church
5. The Local Church
6. The Universal Church

How to Study the Bible
7. Why Study the Bible?
8. Study in Prayer and Obedience
9. Study Methodically

Understanding the Old Testament
10. The Creation
11. The fall
12. God’s Covenant with Abraham
13. The Exodus and Redemption
14. God’s Covenant with Moses
15. The Sacrifice and Atonement
16. The Presence of God on Earth
17. The Kingdom of God
18. Exile and the Promise of Restoration

Understanding the New Testament
19. Jesus the Messiah
20. The missionary mandate
21. The Spirit of God
22. The Early Church
23. The Good News Announced to the Nations
24. The end of the story

And now?
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Author (s) : Francis Chan, Mark Beuving
Original title : Multiply: Disciples, making disciples

Publisher : BLF
ISBN : 9782362492075
Pages : 313
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 358 g
Publication : March 2016
Format : paperback

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