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Neither Poverty nor Riches (Ne me donne ni pauvreté ni richesse)

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As economic discourse has invaded the space deserted by the great systems of thought, the Christian concerned with biblical fidelity seeks his compass for life and witness. Left to his own devices, he navigates between the two stumbling blocks of the spiritualities of deprivation on the one hand and the gospels of prosperity on the other. It thus generally follows, between these extremes, inherited habits. And it resists more or less well the lukewarm currents of the materialist ideal and hedonistic egocentrism. Even if he remains lucid, the biblical perspective often escapes him.

It was high time to find my way back to Scripture. This is the meaning of Craig Blomberg's endeavor in this book, where he leads on the question of material possessions, with balance and precision, an unparalleled work of biblical theology. He successively examines the data of the Old Testament, the writings of later Judaism, and the teaching of the New Testament. Finally, it offers relevant applications for the contemporary world.


Craig L. Blomberg is Professor of the New Testament at the Denver School of Theology (United States).


Original title : Neither Poverty nor Riches
Author : Craig Blomberg
Publisher : Excelsis
Pages : 320
Weight : 360 g
Legal deposit : 2001
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
ISBN : 9782914144216