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<transcy>Is Christmas Unbelievable? (Noël : peut-on vraiment y croire ?)</transcy>

Rebecca McLaughlin
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We all know the story of Christmas. But often we assume it's just a simple myth or a made-up story for children. Author Rebecca McLaughlin invites us to go beyond the clichés and lead us on a fascinating investigation into the historicity of the most famous story of all time. It shows that the Christmas story is much more believable and much more important than what you were led to believe.


  • A book made for skeptics
  • Shows the historicity and reliability of the Christmas story and the critical issues behind it
  • A frank and fair answer to the questions that make us doubt Christmas
  • A great gift idea to accompany your Christmas card shipments

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Rebecca McLaughlin holds a PhD from Cambridge University and a Theology degree from Oak Hill Seminary in London. She is the author of the award-winning book L e Christianisme in question: 12 objections that the world's greatest religion must answer .


Are you skeptical? This book is for you! Rebecca McLaughlin has a knack for asking exactly the big questions many of us have. She weaves her way through the misconceptions that often surround the Christian message and convincingly demonstrates why the idea that God has visited our planet is far from pure Star Wars or Harry Potter fantasy.
–John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (Oxford University),
author of Can Science Explain Everything? and Coronavirus: where is God?

This little book does a big cleanup! It purifies the portrayal of Jesus' coming into the world of a bunch of Christian folk additions that have no basis in the texts. It shows the lack of weight of the objections which impose them on many. It sheds light on the scope of the facts. Bravo and thank you!
–Henri Blocher, honorary dean of the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Vaux-sur-Seine

What a wonderful gift! With this little book, you will know why we can leave the world of childhood while still believing in Christmas. It will go perfectly with your Christmas card mailings.
–Peter Williams, author of Are The Gospels Reliable?

Is the Christmas story just a children's story to you? So, I highly recommend that you read this book!
–Russell Cowburn, Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge University

A superb overview of the veracity and meaning of Jesus' coming to earth. This book, remarkable for its brevity and clarity, should be put in the hands of all those curious about this story.
–Florent Varak, pastor, teacher at the Biblical Institute of Geneva and blogger on Toutpoursagloire .com

You will easily read Christmas: can we really believe it? He clearly defends the historicity of the Gospels and of Jesus, and underlines the crucial issues. The author develops these themes by choosing to explain the meaning of Christmas. This only makes his arguments more interesting and more affordable. A great gift idea!
–Timothy Keller, author of Reason is for God

There is everything I love about this book: history, apologetics, philosophy, science ... all with popular culture references. Through a skillful and passionate demonstration, Rebecca McLaughlin shows us through different themes how Christmas, the coming of Christ and his work on earth are at the heart of human history. I already have in mind several people to whom I will offer it without any reservation.
–Samuel Laurent, psychologist, blogger on

Santa does not exist. But Christmas does exist and it is the beginning of the greatest and the most beautiful love story. If you don't know, dare to read Rebecca McLaughlin's book. In a few pages, she gives essential elements to understand this story told by the four Gospels in a divine quartet ... and all the reasons to believe in it and to live this so great, this so beautiful love story!
–Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella, doctor, former secretary general of the main union of general practitioners, author of Small practical ethics manual and A doctor facing the fear of death

Short, but straight to the point. Insightful and always to the point.Rebecca McLaughlin's book is the perfect answer to questions from skeptics, both in terms of thought and emotions. It speaks to both their minds and their hearts. This is exactly the kind of apologetics adapted to our contemporaries. Quite what our culture needs today. A sound defense of faith that is pleasant to read. Open this book, read it, and give it away!
–Julius Kim, President of The Gospel Coalition Rebecca McLaughlin has struck again!

Without presupposition, she explains why and how, through the Christmas story, we access the deepest truths of the gospel. His argument is short, but convincing. A book that I highly recommend.
–Dane Ortlund, pastor and author of Sweet and humble of


Original title : Is Christmas Unbelievable?
Author : Rebecca McLaughlin
Publisher : BLF Editions
Publication : October 2021
ISBN : 978-2-36249-645-5
Pages : 77
​​Dimensions : 12.5 x 18 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 80 g


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