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<transcy>Repentance and 20th century man (Ô Dieu, pardonne-moi)</transcy>

John Miller
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Conversion to God is a wonderful turnaround for sinful man. Thanks to the work of the Spirit of God in us, we turn away from sin and death, to unite with God and orient ourselves towards eternal life. We pass from darkness and the kingdom of Satan to the light and the kingdom of God.

But it doesn't stop there. Far from being the mere stage of a one-off experience, repentance is an attitude of life. It permeates and animates the totality of the believer's life. As we now lives every day "by faith", a child of God also experiences real and daily repentance.

What is repentance? Above all, what is true repentance, repentance according to the Bible? In pages steeped in pastoral warmth, the author examines this crucial ingredient of spiritual life. It shows how repentance breaks the walls of our lives to open them to the almighty power of the Spirit of God and envelop them in intimate fellowship with the God of all grace.

It shows how repentance occupies a preponderant place in spiritual strength, and therefore in healing and evangelism. No one can afford the luxury of going without!


John Miller (1928-1996): Also known as Jack Miller, he pastored a Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania, United States. He taught practical theology at the famous Westminster Theological Seminary. He founded a missionary organization (World Harvest Mission) that operates in many countries to this day. He is the author of several books and, until his death, was very active in establishing a network of churches in his country.

Table of contents

Note to reader
1. A Foundation for Life
2. Repentance or Penance?
3. What Is True Repentance?
4. For a Spirit-Filled Life
5. Repentance and the Carnal Christian
6. Fruit of God's mercy
7. For an effective soul cure
8. A power of evangelization


Original title : Repentance and 20th century man
Author : John Miller
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 110
Weight : 170 g
Publication : 2018
Dimensions : 13 , 5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-914562-93-5
Format : paperback

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