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<transcy>We Become What We Worship (On ressemble à ce qu'on adore)</transcy>

Gregory Beale
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At the heart of Old and New Testament worship is the relationship with God, the relationship by which the Lord shapes those who belong to Him. But this worshipful relationship, as the Bible prophets forcefully say, is threatened by idolatry. Gregory Beale, in his study of this theme throughout the Bible books, highlights an astonishing reality: you end up looking like what you worship. Because our worship is an attachment: attachment to the Lord or to the idol. The idolater becomes, like the idol he reveres, incapable of seeing and hearing, spiritually "numbed", insensitive to spiritual realities.

From the message of the prophets but also from the rest of the Bible, this book reveals applications that are not often cited, which are still valid today even if the forms of idolatry have changed a lot since the golden calf of the Exodus . The reader is invited to identify in his own context not only the forms that idolatry takes but also the transference it produces: in what way does the idolater of today resemble his idols and how can he find the resemblance to the true God?


Gregory K. Beale is Professor of the New Testament at Wheaton College (Chicago). He is the author of numerous Bible commentaries, books and articles.


Original title : We Become What We Worship
Author : Gregory K. Beale
Publisher : Excelsis
ISBN : 978-2-7550-0180-8
Pages : 392
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 475 g

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