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<transcy>Why Lord? (Où es-tu Seigneur ?)</transcy>

Gary Benfold
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The suffering and victory of Job

"Why does the righteous suffer? "

This question often tortures the minds of Christians, even when they dare not ask it openly. It is accompanied by other questions about the reason for suffering and its relationship to the sovereignty of God. If God can do what he wants when he wants, why does he let his children suffer?

This important question reaches to the very foundations of life and it has very often a direct relationship with our everyday experience. The answer (or answers) given to it depends on the perspective we will have of all things.

Written a long time ago, the book of Job addresses precisely this subject . This is the reason why it remains surprisingly relevant and topical. Advice always comes when you are in pain, but the reality seems elsewhere. This is what Job felt. His book is eminently personal. When you read it, you feel involved. It attracts and challenges because we don't have the answers either.

Yet the final answer is surprising. This is what the author underlines by highlighting the major movements of this research and by showing how the results can be applied to our present life. With finesse and realism, he explores Job's questions and the answers of his friends, which allows the reader to pursue his reflection with profit.

Gary Benfold has been a pastor for over twenty years in various churches in Great Britain. He was also involved in the modernization of one of the masterpieces of the theologian Jonathan Edwards, published in French under the title Une oeuvre du Saint-Esprit, sesombres frères.

Table of contents

1 The reign of God
2 The underside of the drama
3 "The foolish rush ..."
4 There is no there is no smoke without fire
5 Healthy, rich, but still struggling?
6 The Pilgrim's Journey
7 The flash of lightning!
8 The terror of hell
9 The dead ends
10 Job's impatience
11 God's true plan
12 God's rights


Original title : Why Lord?
Author : Gary Benfold
Publisher: Europresse

 Pages : 192
Weight : 250 g
Publication : August 2002
Dimensions : 13, 6 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-914562-07-2
Format : paperback

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