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<transcy>Not by sight (Où est ta foi ?)</transcy>

Jon Bloom
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When you don't understand where God is leading you, where do you place your faith?

In the Bible, there are many who have chosen, despite the circumstances, to place their trust in God. The author draws on several of them through 34 meditations.

He imagines their reasoning in the face of doubts and difficulties in life. With great talent, he brings relief to the personality of these men and women, to give them life, to make them accessible and close to our questions. There is only one desire: that you too can be encouraged to believe in Jesus even when everything is against it.

Jesus asks all those who want to follow him to believe without seeing. So don't limit yourself to what you see, but trust God's promises!


Jon Bloom is author and co-founder of Desiring God Ministries. He is married to Pam and they have five children.


"Living by faith is not easy. Where is your faith provides us with short readings, once a day would be ideal, to help us rethink our lives in light of Jesus' deep faithfulness. What makes this book bold is that it takes Jesus at his word, simply, but thoughtfully. It’s so rare, and it’s so powerful! " - Ray Ortlund

"Spurgeon said, 'My books are my tools.' And the book you are holding in your hands is definitely in that category. Bloom's stories and his vision are a flame; a flame that awakens from death, a flame that lights up old, better paths, that gives us glimpses of the glory of God, inspiring us to run on this path of faith! " - Ann Voskamp

" Living and enriching sketches of biblical characters who have learned to live with a Lord who has sometimes had the gift of astonishing them. " - J. I. Packer

" Do you, like me, sense the futility of wanting to place our hope in what we can see? Drawing on the voices of those who have gone before us, Jon Bloom describes to us the path to excellence: walking by faith with Christ, our heavenly hope. Where is your faith takes us on a journey through the cloud of witnesses who, through the ages, testify to the ever sufficient grace of God. I am grateful for this meditation on the priceless promise of God, which will always give us what we need to be able to take the next step by faith. » - Gloria Furman

Table of contents

Preface by John Piper
A Word to the Reader

1 "Where is your faith?" "; Jacques Zébédée and the fear
2 "Me neither, I do not condemn you"; The Adulteress and the Guilt
3 She had to go home all the same; The Adulteress and the Consequences of Sin
4 Doubt in the Heart of Darkness; John the Baptist and Doubt
5 Demolish his idol; Zacchaeus and Idolatry
6 Can you live without knowing? ; An aspiring disciple before the God who provides
7 "I will not believe"; Thomas and Skepticism
8 The Night the Angel Didn't Come; Jacques Zébédée and death
9 Faced with a painful choice; Joseph the carpenter and the God who directs
10 The stables of despair: places of birth of the grace of God; Joseph the carpenter and confidence
11 Detours (im) planned; Joseph the Carpenter and the God Who Leads
12 "Do not be afraid"; Jehoshaphat and Fear
13 What is love for God like? ; Simon the Pharisee and Worship
14 When a rock slowly sinks into water! ; Peter and faith
15 The faith that Jesus admires; The Centurion and the Faith
16 Contentment in the face of our weaknesses; Paul and Humility
17 Ask! ; The Leper and the Providing God
18 "Do you believe that?" "; Marthe and death
19 When you don't know in which direction to go; Peter and patience
20 Jesus chooses and uses the incapable; Peter and the Restoration
21 When a correction from God becomes a reward; Zechariah and unbelief
22 A hope for our beloved who do not believe; The Brothers of Jesus and Evangelism
23 When success becomes danger; King David and Selfishness
24 More than enough; Philip and the Provision of God
25 God's Objectives Contrary to Our Perceptions; The man blind from birth and suffering
26 The eyes that Jesus opens first; Cleopas and disillusionment
27 "What I'm doing, you don't understand now"; Peter and Sanctification
28 Remain faithful when things get worse and worse; Joseph and Perseverance
29 To serve in the shadow where God has placed you; Andrew and Humility
30 The day of your deliverance is appointed; Crippled Woman and Suffering
31 Was Jesus Worth It? ; Paul and Christian Hedonism
32 A powerful and pragmatic pawn in the hands of Providence; Pontius Pilate and the Governing Authorities
33 "Follow me"; Levi and grace
34 When to follow Jesus means to go home; The Gadarenian Rendezvous


Author : Bloom, Jon
Original title : Not by sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith
​​Publisher : Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924595-19-0
Publication : November 2016
Pages : 220
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Weight: 250 g
Format : paperback < / p>

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