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<transcy>Panorama of the Bible</transcy>

Vaughan Roberts
by Farel
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Sixty-six books, written by forty different authors, over a period of two millennia, in two languages ​​and in different literary genres. A worldwide bestseller published in a countless variety of formats, in several hundred languages. It has been used to take oaths in court in some countries, to wage war, to debate various subjects.

The Bible is like no other book. How to read it, and how to understand it as a whole?

In his excellent panorama, Vaughan Roberts gives us a general view of the Bible which allows us to see how its different parts form a cohesive whole. Whether we are familiar with biblical texts or not, this book will help us orient ourselves in the great history of the Bible and find landmarks to grasp its full significance for us and for our contemporaries. Eight Bible studies (one at the end of each chapter) lead us to see for ourselves the consistency of the Scriptures, and to ask ourselves relevant questions about their teaching.

"I hope this book will be simple without being simplistic. I want to put a card, a reading frame, in the reader's hands. »Vaughan Roberts


Vaughan Roberts is pastor of Saint Ebbe's Church in Oxford. A valued preacher and speaker, he is the founder of a movement that encourages Christians to engage in full-time ministry.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The planned kingdom
  2. The Lost Kingdom
  3. The promised kingdom
  4. The partial kingdom
  5. The prophesied kingdom
  6. The present kingdom
  7. The proclaimed kingdom
  8. The completed kingdom
  • Epilogue
  • Notes

Edition : Farel
Publication : June 2012
Pages : 160 p
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ISBN : 9782863144206