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Gospel-Centered Family (Parents centrés sur l'Évangile)

Tim Chester & Ed Moll
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The Bible does not offer a miracle recipe for well-behaved children!
Rather, the goal of biblical family teaching is to equip parents to develop a family culture where all, young and old, are shaped by the gospel and grow in the knowledge of Christ and his grace.
Through twelve concise chapters and specially formulated questions for parents, this book challenges us to evaluate our desires and priorities for our children in light of God's desires and priorities for our lives.
This guide will show you how the Gospel shapes every aspect of your family life.
TIM CHESTER is an author, teacher, trainer, and church planter. He is married to Helen and they have two daughters. He is the author of numerous books including You Can Change, The Everyday Church, Exodus for You, and Gospel-Centered Marriage.
ED MOLL is a pastor of a rural church in England. He is married to Christa and they have two sons.
Our lives matter. And our life is made up of essential spheres. The serious Christian will seek to honor God in these areas with special care and rigor. The Gospel-Centered series is a set of guides that will be of tremendous help to individuals and churches seeking to bring the essential areas of their lives under the scrutiny of God and his Word in a balanced as well as practical perspective.
- Nathan Lambert, co-founder and leader at Fireplace Church (Paris) and author of the book God is...
As a pastor, I observe that most of the problems of human beings (including myself) are due to a misunderstanding of authority. Since the fall, authority has always been misused and misunderstood. But the message of the Gospel changes everything. With these three books, Tim Chester makes us meditate (through his reflections, but also through the questions he asks) on the links between authority and the Gospel in marital, family and professional circles. What makes these three books unique is that the author does not use the Bible as a cookbook but as the book of God's great story. And he asks the question, "How does God's big story play into our little personal stories?". Put another way: "How should the Gospel revolutionize our daily lives?
- Jonathan Meyer, disciple of Jesus, pastor of the Église évangélique Action Biblique de la Servette (Geneva)
Are you a parent? This book is a must! Every page is full of practical advice and grace-based encouragement.
- Paul David Tripp, speaker, author of the book Being a Parent and father of four children.
Knowing that I am an imperfect and fallible mom, Gospel-Centered Parenting has helped me to persevere.
- Laurence Koning, marriage and family counselor in Paris and mother of three children.
Table of contents
Meaning of the symbols
Part One: Gospel-Centered Parenting
1. A Gospel-Centered Family
2. Gospel-centered expectations
Part Two: Grace-Centered Parents
3. Disciplining Your Parenting Heart
4. Grace for a Parent's Heart
5. Disciplining a child's heart
6. Grace for a child's heart
7. Children as a gift
Part Three: Parents Focused on the Word
8. Living the Word of God
9. God's word and other voices
10. Praying the word of God
Part Four: Mission-minded parents
11. An extended family
12. A family that serves
Original title: Gospel-Centered Family
Authors: Tim Chester & Ed Moll
Publisher : BLF Éditions
Release date: June 2022
ISBN : 978-2-36249-658-5
Pages: 124
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format: Paperback
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