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<transcy>A little practical ethics manual (Petit manuel d'éthique pratique)</transcy>

Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella
by CLÉ
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End of life, voluntary termination of pregnancy, parentage, lies, doping, cheating and other ethical questions do not only concern specialists or professionals in a discipline. They concern us all. What personal answer to give? How to justify it? What approach to follow?

Thanks to this Small practical ethics manual , Dr Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella accompanies us in our reflection. The author has animated numerous meetings, conferences and discussions on this topic, and in particular for students and health practitioners. This book is the result of his rich experience. It is intended for all those who must make ethical decisions in their personal or professional environment (medical, business, media, education, sport…).

The author begins with an overview of ethics in history and philosophy. With this summary, we become aware of the stakes and the complexity of these questions. He then offers us a simple ethical approach in 3 steps: analyze, believe and act. It emphasizes the role of the Bible as standards / beliefs of Christian ethics. To illustrate this approach, the author ends with several practical cases, analyzed according to two reference frames of belief (religion and reason).

This Small practical ethics manual is educational, abundantly illustrated with diagrams and resolutely oriented towards everyday life. It will not make you an ethics specialist but will allow you to act and be consistent.


Vincent RÉBEILLÉ-BORGELLA is a general practitioner in Lyon. He exercised union responsibilities as general secretary of the main union of general practitioners. He also works with students of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon Est as a teacher in the 3 e cycle of general medicine and as an internship supervisor. He supports students and health personnel within his church in Villeurbanne.

Table of contents


  • Ethics or morals?
  • Are ethics a fashion?

Overview of ethics in the history of philosophy

  • Antiquity
  • The Middle Ages
  • Summary of different conceptions of ethics, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
  • Summary of the different types of ethics standards
  • The Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Synthesis of the ethics of the Reformation
  • The empowerment of morals for finality
  • Synthesis of the ethics of consequences through the empowerment of morals
  • The empowerment of morals for principles
  • Summary of the different types of ethics

Issues of reflection around ethics

  • No ethics without complexity
  • Limits and contradictions
  • Two big questions
  • So what is ethics?

The ethical approach

  • The three stages of the process
  • Issues and consequences of the ethical approach
  • To go further

The example of Christian ethics

  • What foundations for a Christian ethics?
  • Understanding Christian ethics

Practical cases of the ethical approach

  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy
  • Euthanasia
  • The lie
  • Suicide
  • The death penalty
  • Cheating (at an exam, to have a job, a social advantage ...)

General index


Author : Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella
Publisher : Clé
Pages : 116
ISBN : 978-2-35843-118-7
Publication : 2017
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Weight : 146
Format : paperback

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