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<transcy>Why Trust the Bible? (Pourquoi croire la Bible ?)</transcy>

Greg Gilbert
by Impact
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The Bible is at the heart of the Christian faith. This inevitably raises the question: why should we believe the Bible? This little book, which is aimed at both non-Christians and Christians, helps us understand why the Word of God is reliable by exploring the various historical and theological arguments that have led millions of Christians to believe what the Bible. said, from Genesis to Revelation.

Written by Pastor Greg Gilbert, author of What Is the Gospel? and Who Is Jesus? , this book will help Christians better express their beliefs about what the Bible says when it talks about God, who we are and how we should live.

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Table of contents

1. Don't Believe Everything You Read
2. Lost in translation?
3. Copies of copies of copies of copies?
4. Are these really the books you are looking for?
5. But can I believe you?
6. So did this take place?
7. Believe a Risen Man at His Word
Index of Subjects
Index of Biblical References
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Author : Gilbert, Greg
Original title : Why Trust the Bible?
Publisher: Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-278-8
Pages : 186
Dimensions : 5 "x 7"
Weight : 176 g
Publication : July 2016
Format : paperback

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