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Why does God care who I sleep with? (Pourquoi Dieu se mêlerait-il de ma vie sexuelle ?)

Sam Allberry
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Available: September 2021 

With each passing day, the world has to deal with enough horrible things: poverty, suffering, or even environmental disasters. Therefore, why would God interfere in our sex life? Doesn't the creator of the universe have other more important concerns than regulating what goes on in our bedroom?

If there is one aspect of the Church's discourse that shocks today, it is her teaching on sexuality. Few subjects attract so much misunderstanding, even criticism. In this thoughtful and accessible book, Sam Allberry responds to received ideas on this subject and presents with freshness and clarity the biblical perspective on sexuality.


- Easily accessible in style.
- A very current and unavoidable question, realistic answers that get right to the point.
- The author offers a clear sexual ethic which is logical, practical and spiritual. This is must read in a world that has lost its way on the issue of sexuality.
- Useful for both believers and non-believers.


Sam Allberry is a pastor, author and speaker from the United Kingdom. He is the author of several books, including Is God Homophobic? and 7 lies about celibacy .


: BLF Éditions
Author : Sam Allberry
ISBN : 9782362495946
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm

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