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<transcy>Why I love the apostle Paul: 30 reasons (Pourquoi j'aime l'apôtre Paul : 30 raisons)</transcy>

John Piper
by Impact
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Other than Jesus himself, no one had a greater impact on the world than the apostle Paul. John Piper doesn't just admire and trust him. He gives here thirty reasons for his esteem for him. Can a Christian killer really endure 195 lashes with a heart full of love? Can a mystic who thinks he has been taken to heaven be a model of lucid rationality? Can an ethnocentric Jew write the most beautiful call for reconciliation?

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John Piper is the founder of the Desiring God ministry. For over 30 years, he pastored a Baptist Church in Minneapolis, United States. He has now retired and is devoting himself to a larger ministry. He is the author of numerous books, many of which have been translated into French.

Table of contents

Introduction: Liar, demented or beloved?

Part 1: The Wonderful Transformation
1. From an angry murderer he becomes an apostle of Christ
2. His rational conviction gives way to the revelation of glory
3. Faithful to his call in the midst of incredible suffering
4. Unconditional love for those who flogged him
5. A spirit of unwavering contentment, in humiliation or abundance

Part 2: I love the man who shaped my life
6. Magnifying Christ With a Rewarding Death
7. Her overflow of joy flows… in love for people
8. His fierce ethnic arrogance gives way to a message of deep reconciliation
9. The friend who brought me the best news during cancer
10. I learned late to identify and put to death my deepest sins

Part Three: A mind to reason, a heart to love
11. Rigorous in his reasoning, transparent in his feelings
12. He speaks with emotion of the glory of Christ; it is not a religious activity
13. From fiery reasonings to words of love
14. His superior intelligence comes to the aid of the humblest

Part Four: Making a Symphony of the Mysteries
15. More dazzled by the revealed glory than by the hidden glory
16. He rejoices in the power of God within and through ours
17. He understands suffering on a global scale and his heart is full of empathy
18. The horror of man's sin, the hope of man's glory
19. It shows what Christian freedom is, but not in a simplistic way

Fifth part: A personal passion for a communion of great value
20. Not alone at the top, but linked to precious friends
21. Christ was sufficient for him, and fellowship was essential
22. Courageous, Direct, and Wonderfully Supporting
23. Zealous for fidelity to the Gospel, slow to take offense at insults to his person
24. Neither conformist chameleon, nor marginal in the ministry

Sixth part: He considers others to be above himself
25. He loves the sovereignty of God and weeps for the lost
26. Apostle of the blessed God and of the hard task of spreading joy
27. He admits his imperfections out of love
28. Unparalleled success as a missionary, but no vanity
29. The quest for pure doctrine, and a passion for the poor

Part 7: The best gift Paul could have given
30.The most important chapter in the Bible and the greatest promise for my life

A final homage: Paul personifies Christ in his love for me

Index of biblical references cited
Index of terms


Original title : Why I Love the Apostle Paul: 30 Reasons
Author : John Piper
Publisher : Impact
Publication : November 2021
ISBN : 9782890825024
Pages : 204
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 304 g

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Pourquoi j'aime ce livre

Dans ses réflexions exposées ici, l’auteur nous présente un aperçu étoffé de l’un des personnages les plus marquants de l’Histoire. Il dresse une liste des principaux attributs d’un homme qui, après avoir fait tout ce qu’il pouvait pour détruire l’Église naissante de Jésus-Christ, en est devenu l’un des piliers. Un texte concis accompagne chacune des réflexions de Piper.