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<transcy>Why the cross? (Pourquoi la croix ?)</transcy>

John Blanchard
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Symbols have been used for centuries as a rapid means of identification. For nearly 2,000 years Christianity has adopted a symbol that is universally recognized - a simple cross. Yet the cross does not represent the character, life or teaching of the founder of the Christian faith. It is a terrible picture of the way he was executed when he was barely in his thirties.

For millions of people around the world, the cross is no more than a jewel or a lucky charm, a tattoo or some kind of amulet. The enormous gap between the original event and the current use of the symbol raises questions of colossal depth and importance:

Why is this symbol so universally popular?

What was so unique about the crucifixion of Jesus?

Why was he put to death?

What is the difference that it makes for me today?

This booklet answers these questions and many more. These pages make it very clear that Jesus' death on the cross contains our only hope for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Reading them, we understand why Christians place such importance in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Golgotha.

Why did he have to die, and die by such a public and humiliating execution? What does this death mean to me? The accounts of the witnesses illuminate the meaning of the cross in the most clear, simple, and powerful way. The subject is of the utmost importance. Thinking about it today is of the utmost urgency.


John Blanchard : Originally from the island of Guernsey, he spent 13 years in public service before responding to God's call. Having since become a world-renowned evangelist, he has traveled the world to bring the gospel. He is the author of countless books, including Learning and Living Christ, Where's the Hell Gone? , My first Bible study. He has also published several brochures in defense of the faith: Where is God when nothing is right ?, Where are you going next ?, Did Jesus really rise ?, and Fundamental Questions, an evangelism brochure published in over 30 million copies in around 40 languages.


Original title: Why the Cross?
Author: John Blanchard
Publisher: Europresse
Pages: 40
Weight: 80 g
Date de publication: March 2012
Dimensions: 15 x 21.1 cm
ISBN: 9782914562676
Format: stapled binding