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<transcy>If God already knows, why pray? (Pourquoi prier si Dieu sait déjà ?)</transcy>

Douglas Kelly
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The subject of prayer is vast, and the questions it raises many. The Christian himself is often puzzled, not always being able to grasp what his prayer has to do in the presence of an almighty and sovereign God.

Indeed, as the title asks so well the question that works more than one heart: Why pray if God already knows?

It is within the framework of this question that the author, an eminent servant of God, examines the privilege and the duty of prayer. His book is both deeply rooted in the truth of the Bible and God's purpose, but also fully connected with the concrete reality of everyday life.

Dotting his words with anecdotes and examples taken from his environment in the southern United States or from the Scotland of his ancestors where he lived for several years, he offers the reader answers and actions to fight and win in prayer.


Douglas Kelly - Trained in the most renowned theological institutions of our time, he has held many academic positions. He also holds a Diploma in French Language and Civilization from the University of Lyon. He preaches regularly in his country and lectures all over the world.

Table of contents


Part One - If God Knows Already
1. Prayer depends on who God is
2. Prayer and Praise of God
3. Prayer and God's Purposes

Part Two - Why Pray?
4. Prayer Changes Us
5. Prayer Changes Others

Part Three - Our Problems and God's Solutions
6. The challenge of perseverance
7. Struggle in Prayer
8. When God Seems to Say "No"

Appendix A - A Bible Reading Plan
Appendix B - Some Tips for Prayer


Original title : If God already knows, why pray?
Author : Douglas Kelly
Publisher: Europresse
ISBN : 978-2-914562-28-7
Pages : 201
Weight : 256
Legal deposit : 2005
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback

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