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<transcy>Christ-Centered Preaching (Prêcher, l'art et la manière)</transcy>

Bryan Chapell
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Faith comes from what you hear

Bryan Chapell’s book is a real homiletics manual, as we had very little in French until now. The preaching is approached from the conception to the final amen, from the study of the biblical text to the techniques of communication, from the function of the introduction to that of the conclusion without forgetting the essential transitions, from the plan and the structure to the use of illustrations and application, a capital element for the listener on which the author particularly insists.

Because, as with all praxis, you better know what lies behind it, Chapell does not limit his talk to practical teaching and advice. It begins with what one might call the philosophy of preaching, its reason for being, the foundations of this and of its effectiveness, the work of the Spirit, without forgetting the qualities of the preacher, the balance of 'humility and authority.

In homiletics, if the form is important, the content is essential: the preaching will not be that of the good news of Jesus Christ if grace does not occupy the central place. The author's educational concern is also reflected in this more theological field: by his insistence on the reality of the human condition and on the redemptive dimension of preaching, he shows how to be faithful to Scripture and in particular to avoid all legalism and moralism. in proclaiming the biblical message.

By its theoretical, practical and theological dimensions, this work will allow the preacher, whether he is a novice or already experienced, to refine his practice, to become aware of his possible shortcomings or shortcomings and to remedy them. But above all, he will know how to arouse in him the creativity and originality to be deployed in the practice of homiletics. All the more so as he will have guided the latter step by step in learning and perfecting what constitutes the art and manner of preaching.

New revised and enlarged edition


Bryan Chapell pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Grace in Peoria, Illinois, continues to minister in practical theological education in several theological schools (Covenant Theological Seminary , Knox Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).

Table of contents

Table of contents


Original title : Christ-Centered Preaching
Author : Bryan Chapell
Publisher : Excelsis
ISBN : 978-2-7550-0361-1
Publication : 2019
Pages : 480
Weight : 700 g
Dimensions : 15 x 22 cm
Format : paperback

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Heritier Lengelo Fundji

Un très bon livre riche en forme et en fond