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<transcy>When Life Falls Apart (Quand la vie chancelle)</transcy>

Warren W. Wiersbe
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Why do I have to suffer?
Why do bad things happen to “good people”?
Does suffering have any meaning?

Men ask these questions since the dawn of time.
Through in-depth reflection, the author tries to provide answers to these essential questions which torment us.
He offers a biblical point of view on the reasons and the purpose of suffering .

"To suffer without hope is to live in despair," says author W. Wiersbe. With sensitivity and compassion, he seeks to help those who are troubled by life's painful surprises.
He shows how to react when life is shattered.


Original title : When Life Falls Apart
Author : Warren Wiersbe
Publisher : BLF Edition
ISBN : 978-2-8045-0141-9
Publication : 2005
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 228 g

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