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<transcy>When the storm's flight (Quand le vol de la tempête)</transcy>

Théodore Cuyler
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Very often in the history of redemption and of the Church, the Lord allows difficult circumstances, even incomprehensible, for the good of His people.

What grieving believer has not blessed the name of the Lord for Job's painful and tragic experiences? What about the wanderings of the people of Israel in the desert, which warn the believer not to rebel against God? Or, even more mysterious, David's incident with Batsheba and Uriah, to equip God's people to fight against temptation?

We do not know the details that produced the great cry of distress in Psalm 22: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? But how many believers have withdrawn from this prophecy the assurance that Christ was indeed the Messiah of God who perfectly accomplished the salvation of His people on the cross.

Likewise with this book. The author, having already lost two young children, was deprived of his beloved daughter at the age of 21. The pain of this loss, united with the life of grace implanted by the Spirit, results in pages filled with sensitivity and compassion.

But these are not pages of pity. The believer never laments like other men, who have no hope. Instead, Pastor Cuyler will draw from the riches of the Word of God the treasures of strength he needs. Although trained in the best theological institutions of his day, he speaks more like a shepherd, whose care of the sheep burns in his heart.

A book filled with consolation and hope that directs the gaze to the Lamb whom God provided to bring his people into his glorious presence.


Théodore Cuyler (1822-1909): Born in New York State, he studied at Princeton seminary. He served various churches in the region, where he experienced several revivals. He was invited to take over the leadership of the Presbyterian Church at Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, which under his service became the largest Presbyterian church in the United States at the time. A remarkable influence among his peers, he was also the friend of servants of God like Charles Spurgeon and H. Bonar.

Table of contents
  • Foreword
  1. Light of God in the dark
  2. The barley field fire
  3. Tears and action
  4. There is enough trouble for each day
  5. Did you flower the grave?
  6. Trust in God in the dark
  7. The school of God and its lessons
  8. Wait for God to reveal himself
  9. The Shepherd of the Sheep
  10. The eternal arms of God
  11. A word for the fallen Christian
  12. The Lord reigns
  13. Look up to the mountains
  14. You saw well
  15. The Lord is my strength
  16. Implement your salvation
  17. Holiness and happiness
  18. Angels at the tomb
  19. Tears in the evening, but joy in the morning
  20. The two residences of the Christian
  21. Fall asleep "in Jesus"
  22. Fall Time in Greenwood

Subtitle : Words of encouragement for those who suffer in depression and mourning
Author : Théodore Cuyler
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 144
Weight : 190 g
Publication : June 17, 2011
Dimensions : 14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-914562-62-1
Format : paperback