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<transcy>Gospel at Work (Quand l'Évangile inspire mon travail)</transcy>

Sebastian Traeger & Greg Gilbert
by CLÉ
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Two dangers threaten us in our professional activity: over-engagement and neglect. But what is the right attitude? God wants to renew our conception of work.

Firmly anchored in the scriptures, this practical guide will lead us to a correct understanding of our work and its importance in the sight of God. Developing a biblical vision of our professional activity will allow us to live it as a service for God, whatever its nature.

The authors answer precisely the following questions: What is the purpose and meaning of our job ? What factors should a Christian consider in choosing a job? How do you find the right balance between work, family life and the Church? How to deal with a difficult boss or colleagues? Is full-time ministry worth more than secular work? …

Ultimately, what matters most is not so much what we do, but who we work for.

Bonus : reflection questions at the end of each chapter, to be used alone or in groups.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the meaning and purpose of your work.
  • Live your work as a service for God.
  • Finding the right balance between work, family life and the Church.
  • Bearing witness to your faith in the course of your work.
  • Avoid the trap of idolatry or nonchalance in your work.
  • Develop a biblical vision of your professional activity.

Highlights of the book:

  • Two complementary authors: a pastor who has worked in the business world, and a businessman involved in the Church.
  • Practical and concrete answers to many questions.
  • Deep content, rooted in Scripture and accessible to every Christian.
  • Reflection questions at the end of each chapter to go further.


  • Every Christian who wants to reflect on the meaning of work in the light of the Bible, whether he is an employee, boss, young worker, missionary, at home, unemployed ...
  • Church leaders.


Greg Gilbert received a BA from Yale University and an MA in Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served on the pastoral team at the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington. He is currently a pastor in Louisville.

Sebastian Traeger . For over 20 years, Sebastian Traeger has built, launched, developed and transformed B2B and B2C businesses as well as non-profit organizations by leveraging a unique combination of market strategy, technological innovation, intelligence business and energy.
As an entrepreneur, he has led successful teams anticipating the next changes in rapidly evolving industries ranging from technology and digital media to real estate and philanthropy. In short, he worked in big data, crowdfunding, deep learning, and artificial intelligence before they were popular.
One of the lessons he learned along the way is that mission matters. "It's fun and empowering to help businesses succeed, but it's even better knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of your partners, employees and customers." This topic was so dear to his heart that he wrote a book to help people understand the purpose of their work and find joy in their work.


"This book comes highly recommended!" "
-James Hely Hutchinson, director of the Institut Biblique de Bruxelles

" This provocative and practical book asks the right questions and answers them accurately "
-Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington and president of 9Marks

"As soon as I finish reading When the Gospel Inspires My Work , my first thought was: I want every member of the Church to read this book. »
-Extract from the preface by David Platt, pastor and author

Table of contents


Introduction. The challenge

  • How our work fits into the Bible record
  • You work for the King and that changes… everything!
  • Nonchalance and idolatry: the wrong ways of looking at work
  • Looking to the future

Chapter 1. The idolatry of work

  • What is an idol?
  • Do you make an idol of your work?
  • Why work is a dreadful god
  • So what is the cure for idolatry of work?
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 2. Nonchalance at work

  • What is nonchalance?
  • What the Bible says about nonchalance
  • Are you nonchalant at work?
  • Why nonchalance is not an option
  • What is the cure for nonchalance at work?
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 3. The Gospel in the Workplace

  • The work of Jesus changes everything - including our work
  • Live the freedom, every day, in your work
  • What makes us different?
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 4. The King's objectives in our work

  • Motivation # 1: Work to love God
  • Motivation # 2: Work to love others
  • Motivation # 3: Work to reflect the nature of God
  • Motivation # 4: Work to earn money
  • Motivation # 5: Work for fun
  • Motivation # 6: Work to beautify the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Work with faith
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 5. How to choose your job?

  • Idolatry and nonchalance in choosing a profession
  • Conclusion
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 6. How to balance work, Church and family?

  • Our one and only main responsibility: to be a disciple of Jesus
  • Be faithful and productive in your family, in the Church and at work
  • To sum up
  • Conclusion
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 7. How to deal with difficult bosses and colleagues?

  • A service that draws its strength from faith
  • Conclusion
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 8. What does it mean to be a Christian boss?

  • The principles of authority
  • In practice: how to manage and lead well?
  • Conclusion
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 9. How to share the gospel at work?

  • Idolatry, nonchalance and evangelization
  • Be wise and endearing, not worried and cowardly
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 10. Is a full-time ministry more useful than my job?

  • Do the math
  • What does God value most?
  • Head, shoulder, knees, feet
  • Who decides my assignment?
  • Conclusion
  • To continue the reflection

Chapter 11.Did I get a "call" for my job?

  • "The call" in the Bible
  • The call: the life God intended for you
  • What's your call? Look around you!
  • Desire, gift and occasion
  • To continue the reflection
  • Conclusion Defining success
  • To continue the reflection


Appendix 1: Five Methods to Help You Live the Gospel on the Workplace

  • Time with Jesus: spend time in the Word and in prayer each day
  • Membership: attend a local church and be actively involved
  • Accountability: be honest with others about your life
  • Review: make periodic reviews of your mission
  • Take a break: take the time to get away from it all

Annex 2: A biblical theology of work

  • Act 1: "In the beginning"
  • Act 2: "Reproduce yourself ... fill in ... submit ... dominate"
  • Act 3: "Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God"
  • Act 4: "The ground is cursed ... with difficulty ... brambles and thistles ... the sweat of your face"
  • Act 5: "I have finished what you gave me to do"
  • Act 6: "I make all things new"
  • Act 7: "Whatever you do, do it with all your heart"

Annex 3: How to put your work at the service of nations

  • The changing landscape of missions
  • Prepare to "do it right"
  • Prepare to "do it strategically"
  • Make the most of your work (and your life)

Original title : Gospel at Work
Authors : Sebastian Traeger & Greg Gilbert
Publisher : Clé
Publication : September 2021
ISBN : 978-2-35843-147-7
Pages : 223
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 278 g


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