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<transcy>Let the nations be glad! The supremacy of God in missions (Que les nations se réjouissent!)</transcy>

Dieu au coeur de la mission

John Piper
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"The supreme goal of the Church is not mission: it is worship. If the mission exists, it is because worship does not exist. "

In a vibrant plea, John Piper presents a biblical defense of the supremacy of God in all things; it seeks to define the real motivations and implications of the mission.

His missionary vision meets the perspective of the Lausanne movement; it has a solid theological foundation, clear explanations and relevant examples.

You are involved in the mission, a theological student, pastor, teacher, etc. ? Let yourself be overwhelmed by this passionate call.


“After carefully reading this book, the great mission that the Lord has entrusted to his Church will no longer appear to you as a commandment but as a real privilege, a pure act of adoration for our God and for the happiness of the people. nations. Only John Piper knows how to enlighten our thoughts with the word of God and give us a new perspective of the great mission. A humble man endowed with an exceptional gift to lead us in the most beautiful of causes. "
- Yanick Éthier, President Sola, Coalition for the Gospel (Canada)

" This book shakes you, and it is worth letting it shake! Rarely has a more all-consuming passion for the glory of God united with such an argument: tight, woven with superabundant biblical quotations. Upon John Piper rests a double portion of the Spirit who moved his model, Jonathan Edwards: both the instrument of the Great American Awakening and a profound theologian-philosopher. Always passionately but always courteous too. John Piper pleads for his choices on controversial subjects between evangelicals, between theologians respectful of Holy Scripture: it is permissible not to follow him in his conclusions, not to ignore his reasons. Essentially, it is both solid and original. As for the motives, message and modalities of the mission, our common mission, read John Piper, the Jonathan Edwards of our time! "
- Henri Blocher, Theologian and author, Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Vaux-sur-Seine (France)

" This book is a great evangelical classic, and it is is a real pleasure to know that it is available in French. The reading of this book is not only reserved for those who show an interest in the mission or who are preparing for a missionary work, but to all the Christians desiring to better understand the significance of the supremacy of God in the various aspects of its mission. It is a mindset centered on the love of God and a burning zeal for the pursuit of the glory of God that Piper seeks to communicate to her readers. May this goal also be attained very widely among the French-speaking readership and may this book thus contribute, not only to a renewed vision of the mission, but also and above all to a new missionary impetus. "
- Pierre Klipfel, Director of the Biblical Institute of Geneva (Switzerland)

" The publication in French of this important book on mission is a gift to be received with many of gratitude to God. "
- James Hely Hutchinson, Director of the Belgian Bible Institute (Belgium)

" The Short Westminster Catechism asks 52 questions, including the first:" What is man's main goal? The answer is surprising: "Glorify God and enjoy his presence for all eternity." In essence, this is John Piper's plea in this disturbing book about the connection between the supremacy of God and mission. "
- Mike Evans, Director of Gospel 21

Table of contents


God at the Heart of the Mission: The Purpose, the Power and the Price to Pay
1 . Finding God again at the heart of the mission through adoration
2. Finding God again at the heart of the mission through prayer
3. Finding God at the Heart of the Mission through Suffering

God at the Heart of the Mission: The Necessity and Nature of the Mission
4. Consciously rediscovering Christ at the heart of all saving faith
5. Recovering the central place of God in "all nations"

God at the heart of the mission: The concrete implementation of compassion and adoration < br> 6. Passion for divine supremacy, compassion for the human soul
7. Inner simplicity and outward freedom of worship throughout the world


Original title: Let the nations be glad! The supremacy of God in missions
: Cruciforme
Author : Piper, John
Publication : 2015
Pages : 355
Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches
ISBN : 978-2-924110-90-4
Weight : 502 g
Format : paperback

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