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<transcy>How Does Sanctification Work? (Qu'est-ce que la sanctification ?)</transcy>

David Powlison
by Impact
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The process of sanctification is a deeply personal and organic process. It cannot be the subject of a one-size-fits-all formula.

Many popular views attempt to reduce the process of Christian growth to a single model: Remember past grace. Remember your identity in Christ. Use the means of grace. Discipline yourself. But Scripture presents the dynamics of sanctification in a multitude of different ways. How a person is transformed into the image of Christ cannot be explained by a single factor, truth or protocol.

David Powlison shows us the unique and personal ways in which God intervenes in the process. people's lives, where they are, in order to transform them. It does this by interweaving real-life stories, biblical teachings and theological reflections. It highlights the great diversity of factors that are involved in this change, and thus helps us to brush aside the hasty generalizations and ready-made answers that arise when we seek guidance for growth in holiness. This book is an excellent resource for understanding the thousand facets of the sanctification process - a deeply personal journey that lasts a lifetime.


DAVID POWLISON (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is a teacher, advisor, and executive director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. He is also the editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and the author of Towards a Renewed Helping Relationship and Speaking the Truth with Love .

"There is nothing more invigorating when you walk with Jesus than to wake up each morning and find yourself actively involved in your own sanctification. Being a partner with the Spirit of Christ in your transformation, growth, and maturation is a wonderful way to nurture an ambition that is pleasing to Him. I am especially happy that David Powlison shows the reader just how to do this in his excellent book What Is Sanctification? I fully support it! »
- JONI EARECKSON TADA, founder and manager of the Joni and Friends International Disability Center

"David Powlison should be able to whisper in the ear of any Christian leader, writer or pastor: 'The Word of God is deep and rich. Do not rely on a single paradigm, but teach all of God's counsel . " Well, Powlison's book will do that for you. »
- PAUL MILLER, executive director of the seeJesus mission; author of the
books A life in prayer and A Loving Life

"To know David Powlison is to know a man who grows like the tasty fruit of sanctifying grace. To witness his ministry is to see a man whom the Lord is using to sanctify many Christians. This is why I am so grateful for What is sanctification? The doctrine of sanctification is one of the most heated areas of Christianity today. David represents the voice of biblical wisdom amidst great cacophony. If you are looking for a book on sanctification that is deeply personal, biblically balanced, and deeply relevant, then you have found it. »
- HEATH LAMBERT, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville; Executive Director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

"In this book, David Powlison takes issue with the simplistic claims that sanctification can be summed up as a process like 'you just have to do this or that' or 'you just have to believe this or that' . As he always does so brilliantly, he shows us how the riches of the scriptures can be applied to the details of our lives. Here is a personal, practical book full of fresh ideas, important ideas, a book that can help God's people become more and more like Christ. »
- Steve Midgley, Executive Director, Biblical Counseling UK; Senior Pastor, Christ Church Cambridge

"When I think of the wise men who have shaped my life and my thinking, David Powlison is always the first that comes to mind. We all urgently need his insightful and thoughtful vision of the human heart and what makes sanctification effective. David recognizes that despite everything that has been said and written about sanctification, something seems to have been left out: you! David enriches the discussion about sanctification with his personal testimony and that of others, and in doing so reminds us that God works in people's lives in many ways. Take this book, read it, soak it up today, and join David and many others who are being transformed into our Savior's image.
- Jonathan Holmes, pastor in counseling, Parkside Church, Uniontown, Ohio; author of The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship

“Sanctification is a rather long word. Many Christians might give a simple definition, such as “to grow in holiness” or “to become like Jesus”; however, few have looked at the dynamics that produce sanctification or how sanctification works. In What is
Sanctification? , Powlison usefully identifies five different ways in which we can grow in holiness. The principles of his approach are grounded in the scriptures and exemplified by his lucid gaze on how it “worked” in his own life. Additionally, we are encouraged to see how it - or rather, how the Spirit of God - works in our lives. »
- Timothy Witmer, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary; pastor of St. Stephen Reformed Church, New Holland, Pennsylvania; author of The Shepherd Leader and The Shepherd Leader at Home

“Sanctification is essential because it enables us to respond to the greatest call we have ever received: to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. David didn't just outline the process of sanctification, but also described the many spiritual nuances that guide us through this blessed transformation. »
- Ken Sande, Founder of Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360; author of Resolving Daily Conflicts

“Sanctification is a matter of life and death. What David Powlison offers in this book is not just a method of personal worship. In fact, behind this fairly straightforward title hides a powerful, explosive and concrete theology of transformation. This book is deep enough to provide a useful teaching for those who have spent their lives trying to understand how sanctification works, and it is accessible enough to guide those who have never really thought about it. In short, when you close this book, you will be radically changed, and for the better. »
- Alasdair Groves, Director of Counseling, CCEF New England

Table of contents

1. God comes to us with his promises
2. Is there only one fundamental principle for sanctification?
3. The Truth: Imbalance and Balance
4. God comes to us with his commandments
5. We are sanctified by remembering our justification
6. What Changes Us?
7. My Story (Part One)
8. My Story (Part Two)
9. Charles's Story
10. Charlotte's Story
11. The trip

Original title : How Does Sanctification Work?
Author : David Powlison
Publisher : Impact
Publication : May 2019
ISBN : 978-2-89082-341-9
Pages : 123
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 164 g

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