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What is the Christian worldview? (eBook) (Qu'est-ce que la vision chrétienne du monde ? (eBook))

Philip Graham Ryken
by Impact
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Popular surveys reveal, to our dismay, that Christians basically live the same as everyone else. We have the same cases of family violence, the same divorce rate and the same dependency behaviors as the rest of the population. How can this be true?

In fact, most Christians do not possess and practice a worldview that is biblical, Christ-centered, and sustained by the Spirit who brings glory to God. The aim of this little book is to help everyone see everyday life from a biblical perspective by sketching out the contours of the Christian worldview and by sketching out some of its practical implications for family life, work and other areas.


Philip Graham Ryken (M. Div., Westminster Theological Seminary, Ph. D., University of Oxford) is the eighth president of Wheaton College (Illinois, USA). He has written over 50 books as well as Bible commentaries. He is currently a board member of The Gospel Coalition.


“This book by Philip Ryken presents in a remarkable way the great biblical themes of creation, fall, redemption and glory. It answers several questions on subjects that could positively disrupt our way of seeing life. "
- Mark Noll

Table of contents

1. What is a worldview?
2. The God who is there and does not remain silent
3. Creation: we were like that
4. The Fall: Paradise Lost
5. Grace: a work in progress
6. Glory: Consummated Paradise
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Original title: What Is the Christian Worldview?
Philip Graham Ryken
ISBN : 978-2-89082-334-1
September 2018
Pages : 82
Format : eBook

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