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<transcy>Whatever Happened to Hell? (Qu'est-ce que l'enfer ?)</transcy>

John Blanchard
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Available: September 2021

Our modern age offers an anomaly. it doesn't know anything about hell; we claims it has disappeared but, at the same time, we keeps talking about it! From hoaxes, comics, advertisements, swear words and common expressions, to the terror that pierces the eyes of one near death - yes, hell is still alive!

But, where is it? What is he? Was Sartre right? Is there really a fire in hell? What is there beyond death?

What is beyond MY dead ?

So many questions, so many answers, but still no certainty, no relief. For the world in which we live (for me perhaps?), Hell remains buried in the great "Maybe" of Rabelais. This is probably the reason that pushes so many of our fellow human beings to live the present moment to the full, because “tomorrow we will die”, and…

Yet the Bible speaks of it with clarity and precision, and the surprising message it reveals is sobering. The subject is not academic for anyone, because the day comes… And death affects everyone.

Yes, hell is terrible beyond imagination, and many people rush into it. But God has opened a door, narrow and efficient, which allows us not to end up in the place of torment. The sacrifice of the Son of God covers the believer and protects him from this dreadful destination, filled with “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

In a day of "homeopathic" Christianity - very diluted and very drinkable - the book you are holding is to be greeted as a courageous contribution, and it is to be hoped that it will be a salutary experience for many.


John blanchard (1932-2021) - Originally from the island of Guernsey, he spent 13 years in public service before responding to God's call. A world-renowned evangelist, he has traveled the world to bring the gospel. He is the author of numerous books, in particular "The great points of the little prophets" , "My first Bible study" . He has also published several brochures for the presentation and defense of the faith: "Where is God when nothing is right?" , "Where are you going next?" , “Is Jesus really risen?” Its evangelization brochure "Fundamental questions" is published in tens of millions of copies in some 60 languages around the world.



1. Dream or reality?
Hell is going through a hard time
A corpse yet vigorous
2. Database
The claims of the Bible
1. Verification - the Bible is a reliable and faithful document
2. The main message - the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
3. The man who spoke the truth - being divine, Jesus has infallible authority in all matters.
4. The Seal of Approval - for Jesus the Bible is the Word of God
5. Authority and integrity - the whole Bible is true and completely reliable
From fiction to facts
1. The Bible excludes the need to rely on speculation
2. The Bible is a divine revelation
3. We can use the Bible with confidence
Nothing but the truth
The meaning of the message
3. Looks at words
Hell Words
From old to new
Peter and John
Let's sum up
4. The taboo subject
To live is to die
The King of Terrors
At the beginning
What is man?
How was death born?
Adam and us
In summary
5. Spirit, are you there?
Does man sink into the unknown?
Is it the big zero?
The testimony of the past
The good, the bad and the ultimate
Humanly speaking ...
Back to the bible
The crucial moment
The universal anomaly
The God of the Living
6. What's next?
More than strange
The hidden face of death
The sleep of the soul?
Alive and alert
The line of demarcation
Is there a third way?
Back to the future ?
7. The moment of truth
The man who returns
Gray areas
Breaking the funeral bonds
Impossible ? Whose ?
8. The big day
The unknown certainty
The responsible man
Revelation from God
The president like the peasant
Revelation and response
Those who have not been evangelized
Children and others
The verdicts
9. The supreme horror
Dream or reality ?
A fundamental principle
The Bible says ...
Where and what?
A dumping ground
The pit
The darkness
The worm
The company
10. The penalties of hell
The worm that does not die
Stigma and shame
A deserved punishment
Desire for death
Negative factors
No help, no hope
The torments, the agony and the pressures
There is nothing to laugh about
What about the fire?
Together and separate
Righteous anger
In summary
11. Too bad to be true?
Soften the blow?
A God of love?
The holy hatred of God
Basis of judgment
A wider hope?
Preaching in prison
The celestial perspective
Crime and Punishment
Is it possible to improve?
Longford Blinders
12. "And they lived happily ever after"
Origen and others
Was Jesus a Universalist?
Was Peter a universalist?
Was John a Universalist?
Nine steps to nowhere
The two Adam
"All the men"
Reconciliation and confession
To be guilty is to be guilty
Riddles for the hesitant
13. Is there a final emergency exit?
Definitions and differences
Arnobe and after
Arguments and responses
Common sense and nonsense
Statistics and guesses
For the honor of God?
Capacity and intention
That's enough ?
Crime and Punishment
Punishment or chastisement?
The second death
Smoke signals
Fire and fuel
14. The decisive words
Where have Kis' donkeys gone?
Kore & Co.
The planet and the people
The two "centuries"
The centuries of man
Night and day
The chicken and the egg
Clarity or confusion?
15. Ways to Hell
Who wants to go to hell?
Back to the bible
A word of caution for the rich
The kingdom of heaven
Prohibited entry
Unanimous testimony
Fatal defects
The ultimate apologies
16. The way to heaven
"You are that man!"
Know god
The good news
The substitute
Rule !
Obedience to the Gospel
Faith to salvation
The dangers of procrastination
17. Postscript
"Torn from the fire"
The great fundamental law
The guilt of silence
From you to them

Biblical References Index


Original title : Whatever Happened to Hell?
Author : John Blanchard
Publisher : Europresse
Release : September 2021
Pages : 354
ISBN : 978-1-914156-05-2
Dimensions : 5.43 x 8.5
Format : paperback

Customer Reviews

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Raphaël Gauthier
Excellent livre qui mériterait toutefois une bonne révision

Le contenu du livre est excellent et très percutant. Je suggère à tout chrétien de lire ce livre. Nous ne pourrons plus regarder les gens de la même manière..

Ce que je déplore grandement toutefois: les très très nombreuses erreurs de grammaire, de frappe, de syntaxe et même d’orthographe de base cassent le rythme de lecture ( en tout cas pour moi). Je suggère fortement qu’il y ait une révision et une relecture afin de les corriger.