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<transcy>Who is Jesus? (Qui est Jésus ? (pack de 25 tracts d'évangélisation))</transcy>

Greg Gilbert
by Impact
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Who is Jesus? explains why Jesus was so amazing, and how his life and death can bring salvation to those who believe in him.

This evangelistic tract is adapted from the book Who is Jesus by Greg Gilbert.

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Who is Jesus?

  • A historical person
  • An extraordinary person
  • God
  • One of us
  • The resurrection and the life

A historical person

You may have never really thought about who Jesus is, or how his statements affect your life. After all, we are talking about a man who was born in the first century into the obscure family of a Jewish carpenter. The basic facts of his life - where and when he lived, how he died - are all fairly well known. But what about the meaning of his life and death? Was he a prophet? a teacher ? Was he the Son of God, or just an exceptionally gifted man? And besides, who did he think he was? Despite all these questions, everyone seems to agree on one thing: Jesus was an amazing person!

An extraordinary person

Without a doubt, something about Jesus in his day caught people's attention. Jesus said and repeated things that left his contemporaries amazed at his wisdom. He even confronted them in a way that left them bewildered as they searched for a way to understand everything he was saying ( Matthew 22.22 ).

Many people heard it; they were astonished and said: […] “What is this wisdom that has been given to him? And how are such miracles done through it? "( Mark 6.2 .)

Then there were the miracles. Hundreds and hundreds of people have seen with their own eyes Jesus doing things that no human being should be able to do. He cured people of sickness, he made the water instantly turn into tasty wine, he told the lame to walk again and they did, he stood on the bow of a rowboat and calmed the ocean by simply asking it to do so. He also stood before the tomb of a man who had been dead for four days and called on him to come back to life; the man heard it, got up and then came out of the tomb ( Matthew 8: 24-27 ; 9.6,7; John 2: 1-11 ; 11.38-44). < / p>

In each of his miracles and in each of his words, Jesus made and supported claims about himself that no human being had ever made before, claims that he was God.


On several occasions, Jesus referred to himself using a name reserved exclusively for God - "I am" in the present tense ( John 8: 48-58 ) - thus evoking the ancient and famous name of the almighty God of Israel ( Exodus 3.14 ).

The prophecies that Jesus claimed to fulfill also pointed to his divinity. The people of Israel eagerly awaited a king to occupy the vacant throne for centuries. A prophet described this king as "wonderful counselor, mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of peace." He also announced that this king would extend his sovereignty and bring peace “now and forever ( Isaiah 9.5,6 ). The people of those days had to understand that this promised king would not look like an ordinary man who would sit on the throne for a while and then die. They were to hear in their God’s promise that he himself would come and be their King.

Jesus also affirmed his identity as the “Son of God”. It was not just a royal title, it was also a claim by Jesus that he was equal to God in terms of status, character and honor. Jean explains:

This is why the Jews sought even more to put him to death: because […] he also called God his own Father, making himself equal to God ( John 5.18 ).

One of us

Christians call the reality that God became man "incarnation". The Bible tells us that Jesus was hungry, thirsty, tired, and even sleepy. He did things with deeply human tenderness, compassion and love ( Matthew 15.32 ; Mark 6.34 ; John 11.33-36 ). Not only was he human, but he showed us what God wanted humanity to be from the start.

Jesus identified with us, became one with us so that he could represent us in life and death. When Adam, the first man, sinned, he did so as a representative of all who would come after him ( Genesis 3: 15 ).

By one fault the condemnation reached all men… ( Romans 5.18 .)

Jesus let God's death sentence - his righteous anger against sinners - fall on him. He allowed one of his own followers to betray him, and the Roman authorities condemned him to be crucified. When Jesus died on the cross, all of our sin was placed on him. Jesus died for us. He died in our place. There is only one thing that could cause the Son of God to do this: he loves us deeply.

Indeed, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life ( John 3.16 ).

The resurrection and the life

But Jesus did not stay dead. When some of the disciples entered Jesus' tomb two days later, they "saw a young man sitting to the right, dressed in a white robe, and they were appalled. He said to them, “Do not be afraid. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, the one who was crucified. He's risen, he's not here! " "( Mark 16.5,6 .)

Thanks to Jesus' resurrection from the dead, an extraordinary, breathtaking thing happened, confirming that he was truly who he had always claimed to be ( 1 Corinthians 15.14 ‑19 ).

Only the resurrection had the power to transform his own disciples - cowardly and skeptical men - into martyrs and witnesses ready to bet everything on him to say to the world: "This man, Jesus, has been crucified, but now he is alive ! "

The resurrection is the keystone on which faith in Christ rests. It is the foundation that supports everything else, the cornerstone that holds together what constitutes Christianity.

Who do you say he is?

Maybe you are not ready to believe Jesus' claims. What is stopping you? Once you've identified these things, don't walk away from them right away. Examine them! Pursue them! Find the answers to your questions. Don't put it off. This is the most important question you can ask yourself!

You might be ready to say, “I really think Jesus is the Son of God. I know that I am a sinner and that I rebelled against God. I know I deserve death for this rebellion, and I know Jesus can save me. If so, then all you need to do is turn away from sin, put your trust in Jesus, and rely on him to save you. Then tell the whole world! This is who Jesus is! He's the one who saves people like me, and like you.


Original title : Who is Jesus?
Author : Greg Gilbert
Publisher: Impact
Publication : February 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-455-3
Pages : 7
Dimensions : 3.5 "x 5.37"
Weight : 110 g

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Anaïs Brown

Voici un tres bon tract qui explique qui Jesus est vraiment et ce qu'il a fait pour les croyants!

Jean-Pierre Laporte

J'aime bien le petit petit tract que l'on peut laisser trainer dans des endroit publique . et le livre approfondit ce qui est dans le trac. Bonne lecture