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<transcy>Let's rediscover the A.T. : The Pentateuch (Re-découvrons l'A.T. : Le Pentateuque)</transcy>

by CLÉ
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Author: Thomas BLANCHARD
Subtitle : Volume 1
Illustrated by: Francis SCHNEIDER
Edition: October 2013
Collection: ITEA Discovery
128 pages, 50 illustrations - black and white
Format: 21x29.7 cm paperback.
Weight: 384 g
ISBN: 978-2-350-84012-3

It's hard to start a novel in the middle. Or walk into a movie theater halfway through a movie. It would be difficult to understand the story, to follow the course of events. We would have to go back to the beginning. And to “understand history”, we have to go back to the Torah (also called the Pentateuch), the first five books of the Old Testament. We will understand God's original intention for our world, his creation. We will discover the origin of our biggest problem. And we will see the outline of God's purpose to save mankind… the gospel of Jesus Christ.

An essential discovery!