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Let's rediscover the A.T. : Writings of wisdom (Re-découvrons l'A.T. : Les écrits de sagesse)

by CLÉ
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Author: Thomas BLANCHARD
Illustrated by: Paco
Subtitle: Volume 4
Published: November 2008
Collection: ITEA Discovery < br> 118 pages
Format: 21x29.7x0.8 cm Paperback.
ISBN (Barcode): 978-2-35084-015-4

The notion of "wisdom" has almost disappeared among our contemporaries. Despite a surplus of information, we have the impression that we no longer know very well how to live. But in our Christian heritage, we have a treasure to (re) discover: biblical wisdom, “Wisdom” personified in Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament “Wisdom Writings” we will listen to this wisdom experienced in all kinds of circumstances imaginable… and unimaginable. In suffering (unjust or deserved), in depression, in our small daily life, in the marital bed and in total fog, the Word of God is there to teach us how to live as the people of God.
To discover together…