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<transcy>Let's rediscover the A.T. : The writings of the prophets (Re-découvrons l'A.T. : Les écrits des prophètes)</transcy>

Thomas Blanchard
by CLÉ
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Author: Thomas BLANCHARD
Illustrated by: Francis SCHNEIDER
Subtitle: Volume 3
Edition: 1st edition of September 2011
Collection: ITEA Discovery
140 pages, 41 illustrations - black and white
Format: < / b> 21x29.7x0.8 cm paperback.
ISBN (Gencod): 978-2-35084-014-7

"Men without intelligence, and whose hearts are slow to believe all that the prophets have said!" This is what Jesus, incognito, said to two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

What would he say to us today, to us who often do not even know what the prophets said? In our Bibles, the pages concerned have sometimes never been read, except perhaps a few isolated verses quoted at Christmas…

Yet it is in this large part of the Old Testament that unsuspected treasures are evoked: the great plan of God for the whole world and the role reserved for this central character, descendant of woman, descendant of Abraham , descendant of David: the King-Messiah-Servant.

Do not hesitate to (re) discover these writings!

Why buy the book?

  • To study in a group (or alone) a too often neglected section of the Bible.
  • To have a quick overview (facts and implications) of the prophetic books.
  • It assists you: by giving you important historical information (context). The passages to read and the targeted questions prevent you from getting lost in the details.
  • Its “biblical theology” approach allows you to discover and understand for yourself the meaning of the Scriptures.