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<transcy>Let's rediscover the family: Parents and children ( Re-découvrons la famille : Parents et enfants)</transcy>

by CLÉ
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Subtitle: Booklet N ° 4. Volume 2
Edition: October 2007
Collection: ITEA Discovery
156 pages - black and white
Format: 21x29 cm
ISBN (Gencod): 2-35084-023-9

Everyone sees that the family is changing.

Is it always positive? How to find reliable benchmarks in the face of the family models currently on offer? Does the Bible have anything to teach us in this area? Go on a (re) discovery of the instructions given by God for the good of the family. Not to dream of an ideal family, but to lay a solid foundation that allows everyone to flourish. You will examine the biblical text. You will also reflect on its concrete implications for you and for today.

This volume 2 considers the relationships between parents and children.


- 10 themes (see summary)
- introductions for each theme in the form of a case study (situation)

The courses in this collection aim to present the biblical message. Each of the booklets in this collection follows an active pedagogy adapted to non-believers and / or young converts. The Discovery Collection intends to lay the foundation for understanding the essential elements of Christianity. It is for those who want to know him better. It is also suitable for those who have just discovered it personally ... or who just want to get back to basics.

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