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<transcy>Reflections on Pastoral Ministry (eBook) (Réflexions sur le ministère pastoral (eBook))</transcy>

Charles Bridges
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In this book, Charles Bridges examines the different facets of pastoral ministry. It first explains its nature and necessity, then it presents the requirements and challenges that are associated with it. The author constantly emphasizes the impact of the personal piety of the minister of the Gospel on his pastoral duties, and he leads pastors to understand the importance of applying first to prayer and to the ministry of the word (Acts 6.4 ).

Reflections on Pastoral Ministry is Charles Bridges' best-known book. When it was first published in 1829, it was over 700 pages long. A few years later, the text was abridged and translated into French. This easier-to-read book provides a brief outline of Bridges' reflection on pastoral ministry. It will rekindle your passion for your role as a shepherd and motivate you to lead the people in your church to holiness.

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Charles Bridges (1794-1869) was a well-known evangelical leader within the Anglican Church. After his studies at Queen's College, Cambridge, he was ordained as a minister in 1817. Although he was well known in his day for his preaching, he is remembered today for his writings which attracted the attention of praise from several respected authors and preachers, like CH Spurgeon.


Author : Charles Bridges
Publisher: Impact Héritage
ISBN : 978-2-924773-33-8
Publication : October 2017
Pages : 101
Format : eBook

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C’est un classique des écrits sur le ministère.

Cet ouvrage contient de nombreux conseils et exhortations pour les pasteurs et tous ceux qui sont dans le ministère. Il est court et facile à lire, mais édifiant et nous fait grandir dans notre foi. Il aborde de nombreux sujets tels que la prédication, la prière, la sainteté et la gestion de ses membres. C’est un classique des écrits sur le ministère.