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<transcy>Resolved (Résolu)</transcy>

Philippe Viguier
by CLÉ
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Resolutions rarely occupy us beyond January! Yet they can make our life exemplary. How to become a resolute woman or man who pleases God and inspires others?

In this book, Philippe Viguier encourages us to live carried by convictions founded in the Bible, and to put our will at the service of the will of God. He draws from the 10 th chapter of Nehemiah five resolutions that enabled the people of Israel to rise from exile and re-establish a special relationship with God. He then challenges us to adopt these five resolutions as well, because they have the power to transform all areas of our lives.

This edifying book is resolutely oriented towards the practice of the life of disciple, of which it underlines the essential elements. These many tips and illustrations will help us persevere and keep our resolutions. The chapters conclude with a series of questions, to be tackled alone or in a group, to extend the reflection and prepare the practice.

Over the pages, with his personal touch of poetry and humor, Philippe Viguier encourages us, edifies us, surprises us. This book will make you want to go further with God and to live the Christian life with passion. Read anytime, not just at the start of the year!

This book will help you

  • Grow in your faith and stay motivated.
  • Develop a lively and passionate life as a disciple.
  • Reflect on and identify avenues of progress for your spiritual life.

Highlights of the book

  • Encouraging, humorous and concrete.
  • Full of anecdotes and examples.
  • Questions to do alone or in a group.


  • Any Christian who wants to know how to please God.
  • Young people, adults or believing mentors / mentees who want to inspire others.

Author : Philippe Viguier
Publisher : Clé

Publication : October 2017
ISBN : 978 -2-35843-119-4
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 266 g

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Customer Reviews

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Amélia Côté

Lecture vraiment enrichissante! Le livre est bien structuré et apporte des réflexions personnelles très intéressantes:) Je ne l’ai pas encore terminé mais j’aime déjà beaucoup ce que je lis!