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Journal // Return to the Gospel # 1 - The Work of Elders (PDF) (Revue // Revenir à l'Évangile #1 - Le travail des anciens (PDF))

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Pastoral ministry is full of challenges. If you chose to read this review, either you already know it or you will in the future. But, despite these challenges, pastoral work is a noble vocation.

Today, pastoral work is often compared to the work of an entrepreneur or businessman. However, serving on an alumni board is very different from serving on the board of a not-for-profit organization.

So what is the role of a pastor? If we had to summarize an elder’s job description, we could just say, "graze the flock." Elders are pastors, shepherds, and their primary function is to care for the members of the Church as shepherds feed their sheep. More specifically, the elders are the under-shepherds who serve the Good Shepherd by leading his sheep.

So we've designed this review to help you think about the practicalities of your role as an alumnus. There is much more to say and this review is far from exhaustive. That's why we've included book recommendations that will help you go further and better understand your important role in your local church.