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<transcy>No Adam, No Gospel (eBook) (Sans Adam, pas d'Évangile (eBook))</transcy>

Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
by Impact
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Many have expressed doubts and rejected the Bible teaching that humans are descended from an original couple, Adam and Eve. Some go so far as to assert that these doubts are compatible with the Christian faith. But is this possible? Richard Gaffin shows us that this idea undermines the entire history of redemption taught in Scripture. If you remove Adam and Eve from the equation, the story of redemption no longer holds. The author reminds us that without Adam there is no gospel.

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RICHARD B. GAFFIN JR. is Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, USA.


"Here Richard Gaffin provides a clear exposition of the necessary connection between the historicity of Adam and the death and resurrection of Christ. It shows the centrality of the biblical contrast between solidarity "in Adam" or "in Christ" for the good news of a restored fellowship with God. "
- YANNICK IMBERT, dean, professor of apologetics, Faculty Jean Calvin

"All of Christian doctrine rests on the person of Adam. The language and the main themes of Genesis 1 - 3 are found in every key sequence in the history of redemption, so much so that the New Testament makes it the basis of the soteriological edifice built by Christ. If Adam never had a historical existence, as some claim, then the basic doctrines of original sin and guilt can no longer be consistently maintained. However, the issue is not limited to theology; it is also deeply ethical. Without common ancestry, we no longer have a solid basis for asserting that all human beings of all ethnicities have the same nature, the same dignity, and the same problem with sin. If Adam did not exist, none of us can claim to be made in the image of God. This book by Richard B. Gaffin is therefore timely and strongly reminds us that if we lose Adam, we lose the gospel at the same time. "
- GUILLAUME BOURIN, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of the Trinity; author of the book I will pour pure water on you ; founder of the blog Le Bon Combat; director of the Biblical Institute #Transmit

“Unfortunately, many Christians today have marginalized the question of our origins and the historicity of Adam. And so it is often seen as of little importance. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be able to notice that such marginalization is mainly the consequence of a phenomenon of impoverishment of exegetical and theological knowledge within our evangelical circles. In addition, the deplorable individualistic approach offered by some to the gospel has overshadowed this biblical double foundation essential to the correct understanding of it: our union "in" Adam and our union "in" Jesus Christ. In this little book, Richard Gaffin Jr offers us a short defense of the historicity of Adam, making sure to remember this biblical reality of our double solidarity "in" Adam and "in" Jesus Christ. This work thus exposes some of the major doctrinal points which will then be neglected, and even jeopardized, when the reader of the Bible deviates from a faithful exegetical practice accomplished in the analogy of faith. "
- DANIEL SAGLIETTO, director of the Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Montreal, affiliated with Acadia University

“The sociological and ethical upheavals that accompany the rejection of the biblical doctrine of creation and its corollaries are serious and numerous. However, the greatest consequence of the absence of a historical Adam is its impact on the gospel. In this little book, Professor Gaffin demonstrates that one cannot maintain the wholeness and integrity of the gospel without the integral historicity of the first man as revealed in the scriptures. »
- PASCAL DENAULT, pastor of the Evangelical Church of Saint-Jérôme, author of the books Solas , A more excellent alliance and The dark side of the Christian life

"In Scripture, our identity in Adam determines who we are today as God-made human beings and who we will become as redeemed Christians in Christ. Richard Gaffin points out the serious theological implications that necessarily flow from the denial of the existence of a historical Adam, the first ancestor of mankind. "
- IAIN M. DUGUID, Old Testament professor, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Table of contents

Preface to the French edition
1. The problem
2. Scientific and Biblical Objections
3. The Bible and Science
4. Adam and Christ
5. Inadequate interpretations
6. The consequences of inadequate interpretations
7. A recent denial of the historicity of Adam: some additional remarks


Original title : No Adam, No Gospel
Author : Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
Publisher : Impact
Publication : March 2020
ISBN : 978-2-89082-403-4
Pages : 65
Format : eBook