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<transcy>Are Science and Christianity Incompatible? (Science et christianisme sont-il incompatibles?)</transcy>

Judson Poling
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• Is Christianity based on blind faith?
• Why aren't there more Christian scientists?
• Doesn't the Big Bang refute the existence of a Creator?
• Doesn't the theory of evolution contradict the Genesis accounts? ??
• If the Bible is true, why is it not a more scientific approach?
• Won't scientific progress one day make God obsolete?

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Why does God allow suffering and evil? Is Jesus the only way to God? Why Should I Trust the Bible? Difficult questions. Questions that disturb. But also legitimate questions, which deserve to be taken the time to examine them

Each notebook is organized into six discussions. Their goal: to encourage reflection and interaction in discussion groups. Objections to Christianity are openly discussed. By embarking on such a process, you will be prompted to examine the merits of the Christian faith and of your own opinions.

The What I Believe, Talk About It collection was designed for groups, and is intended for those in search or open-minded skeptics. Based on over ten years of practice, this series is an engaging and easy-to-use tool.


Publisher : BLF Éditions
Released : 05/01/2016 (Canada)
Pages : 77
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 15 X 21 cm
Weight : 116 g
ISBN : 9782362492969

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