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<transcy>Grounded in Christ (S'enraciner en Christ)</transcy>

Wayne Grudem
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These 30 days to grow in faith invite the reader to go through the essential elements of the work of Jesus Christ, of salvation, of life in the Church and Christian hope. Are not these foundations essential for those who want not only to find their way in today's world and understand the issues of the debates, but also to live as Christians without being carried away by all the winds of doctrine and currents of thought ? Christian doctrine is not just a theoretical question, it supports and nourishes the life of the Christian.

For the author, the doctrine is not meant to sit on library shelves, but to be discovered, studied and integrated into the concrete of Christian thought, word and action. This book contains 30 days of daily meditations on several fundamental aspects of biblical teaching: the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, conversion, sanctification, baptism, supper, worship, gifts, new creation, etc., with enlightening explanations, practical suggestions, Bible verses and prayers. There are also four Bible studies on key texts, to be used alone or in groups.

The process leads us to work both on our knowledge and on our life, since the doctrine always has a practical aim. 30 days to revisit the foundations of the faith, and 30 days to take root in Christ!


Wayne Grudem is professor of theology and biblical sciences at Phoenix Seminary in the city of the same name in Arizona. He is the author, published by Excelsis, of a Systematic Theology from which the texts of the chapters of this volume are extracted.

Table of contents


Day 1. The Atonement
Day 2. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Day 3. The Ascension
Day 4. Jesus Christ, Prophet, Priest and King
Day 5 The Work of the Holy Spirit
Day 6. Common Grace
Day 7. Election
Day 8. The call of the Gospel
Day 9. Regeneration
Day 10. Conversion
Day 11. Justification
Day 12. Adoption
Day 13. Sanctification
Day 14. Baptism and the fullness of the Holy Spirit
Day 15 The Perseverance of Saints
Day 16. Death
Day 17. Glorification
Day 18. Union with Christ
Day 19. The Church: Its Nature, Its Marks and Its Purposes
Day 20. The Purity and Unity of the Church
Day 21. The Power of the Church
Day 22. The Government of the Church
Day 23. The Means of Grace
Day 24. Baptism
Day 25. The Last Supper
Day 26. Worship
Day 27. The gifts of the Spirit
Day 28. The return of Christ
Day 29. The Last Judgment
Day 30. The New Heavens and the New Earth e

Bible studies

Week 1 - Ephesians 1.3-14
Week 2 - Philippians 1.12-26
Week 3—1 Corinthians 15.35-53
Week 4 - Revelation 21.1-27

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Publisher: : Excelsis
Author : Wayne Grudem
Publication : June 2015
Pages : 176
Weight : 235 g
Dimensions : 15 x 21 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7550-0239-3
Format : paperback

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