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<transcy>The Seven Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer (Les sept questions les plus importantes auxquelles vous aurez à répondre)</transcy>

Daniel Henderson
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“I have known Daniel Henderson for twenty years. During this time, he always exerted an influence on his peers by playing a catalytic role on the fundamental dimensions of spiritual renewal and of a life lived with a goal in sight. The 7 most important questions you will have to answer is just another expression of its impact. I highly recommend this book to anyone willing to start from scratch. This will encourage you to put the pieces of your life back together in such a way that you will be changed for eternity. " - Jerry Falwell, President of Liberty University

“Daniel Henderson's book challenges us to think deeply about the things that motivate us. In the midst of our incessant activities, this book can be a refreshing break that prompts us to ask more serious questions about the motivations behind our actions. I love Daniel's approach to integrated living and his innovative daily plan for personal renewal. It is encouraging to read a book that gives us practical help. » - Hans Finzel, Managing Director of CB International


Daniel Henderson

Pastor for over 25 years, Daniel Henderson has brought prayer-based renewal to many large churches and now devotes most of his energy to helping congregations across the United States experience renewal and transformation.

Table of contents

“Who is God? "
" Who am I? »-« Why am I here? "
" What really matters? "
" What should I do? "
" How should I do it? "
" When should I do it? »
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

Original title: The Seven Most Important Questions You Will Ever Answer
Author: Daniel Henderson
: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924110-35-5
Publication : 2014
Number of pages : 276
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 312 g
Format : paperback
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