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<transcy>If God is good, why the suffering, the injustice? (Si Dieu est bon pourquoi la souffrance, l'injustice ?)</transcy>

Henry Bryant
by CLÉ
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How to explain the suffering which seems to blindly strike both the innocent and the guilty? How do we reconcile the terrible reality we see around us with the Bible's assertions about the righteousness and goodness of the sovereign and almighty God?

This book gives clear answers to these thorny questions. You will discover there dialogues between God and certain men who questioned him about situations which they considered unjust. You will see how suffering can play a major role in the life of men. This book will renew your vision of God and allow you to face the realities of the human condition with more serenity. Christians and non-believers alike will appreciate the clear answers in this little book.

Table of contents

Foreword (2008 edition) including an author's testimony.
- The Dilemma
- Whose fault is it?
- The problem of injustice: the confrontation
- The problem of injustice: the solution
- The problem of suffering
- Why?
- A Parable
- Notes


Author : Henry Bryant
Publisher: 4 e edition revised in January 2011
ISBN : 978-2-906090-03-3
Pages : 55
Dimension: 14x21 cm
Format : paperback

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