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Solas: The quintessence of Christian Faith (eBook)( Solas : la quintessence de la foi chrétienne (eBook))

Pascal Denault
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Clear, balanced, fundamental, and to the point. It deals with questions that are essential and properly vital for the Church. The truths presented, explained and defended are indeed at the center of believing, individual and community life: Sacred Scripture, its status, its interpretation; salvation (and in its heart justification by faith alone), its nature, its foundations, its conditions, the work of the Lord Jesus and its centrality, God and his grace, God and his glory.
- Amar Djaballah, Ph.D. Dean and professor, Faculty of Evangelical Theology, (Acadia University) Montreal, Quebec

Pastor Denault presents more than just historical research. He rightly asserts that the gospel preached by the apostles and fathers of the Church and later the reformers is the same message that must be preached today so that lost and hopeless men and women can find eternal life and hope.
- Michael AG Haykin, Th.D. Professor of Church History, Southern baptist theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Pascal Denault, in this little book, has the great merit of leading us to the essential and reminding Christians today that it is a question of substance, of life and death , because our salvation depends on it.
- Paul Wells, Ph.D. Professor emeritus of the Jean Calvin Faculty, Aix-en-Provence, France


Pascal Denault is pastor of the Evangelical Church of Saint-Jérôme, a Reformed Baptist church. He obtained a bachelor's and a master's degree in theology from the Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Montreal (2001-2011). He is raising four children with his wife Caroline and is the author of

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Sola Scriptura
Chapter 2: Sola Scriptura and non-solo Scriptura
Chapter 3: Sola fide, justification
Chapter 4: Sola fide, faith
Chapter 5: Sola gratia
Chapter 6: Sola gratia, the necessity of grace
Chapter 7: Sola gratia, the cause of grace
Chapter 8: Sola gratia, the scope of grace
Chapter 9: Sola gratia, the efficacy of grace
Chapter 10: Sola gratia, the duration of grace
Chapter 11: Solus Christus
Chapter 12: Soli Deo gloria, the glory of God
Chapter 13: Soli Deo Gloria, worship in the Church
Chapter 14: Soli Deo gloria, the life of worshipers


Edition : Cruciforme
Author : Pascal Denault
: September 2015
Pages : 205
ISBN : 978-2-924110-88-1
Format : eBook

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