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<transcy>Be Complete - Ephesians (Soyez riches - Éphésiens)</transcy>

Warren W. Wiersbe
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“Praised be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has filled us by the Spirit with all the fulness of the heavenly gifts. He poured out upon us who live in fellowship with Christ from above all the blessings which the kingdom of heaven contained ”(Ephesians 1: 3 - Living Word).

Life is increasing dramatically but the value of money keeps plummeting. We know how to compare all the prices but do not know the value of anything. There is a wealth which transforms our vision of the world and of what the world calls "wealth". Paul underlines in Ephesians our responsibility in light of the incomparable riches that we have in Christ.

“Too many Christians live like poor people when Christ made us rich men and women! It is time for us to stop living on substitutes (even if they are religious substitutes) and cash in on the riches we have in Christ "- Warren W. Wiersbe.

May this comment encourage you to rely with all your might on the one true investment that matters: one that will produce everlasting fruit!


Original title : Be Complete
Author : Warren W. Wiersbe
Publisher: BLF Edition
ISBN : 978-2-36249-103-0
Publication : 2012
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 195 g

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