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<transcy>Titus (Tite)</transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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An epistle of encouragement and guidance.

In addition to containing many doctrinal treasures, the letter to Titus is eminently practical and outlines our obligations and responsibilities as children of God and joint heirs with our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul's Epistle to Titus is an evangelistic guide whose supreme purpose is to teach churches to bear more effective witness on the Isle of Crete. This epistle presents the Christian life and the ministry of the gospel in such a way that it can draw even unbelievers to salvation.

The author presents this epistle to us as a practical treasure, a guide in which the description of the ministry and of the Christian life attracts even non-believers to salvation. This letter is training for building strong churches, effective in their witness.


Author : John MacArthur
Original title : The MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Titus
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-020-3
Publication : 1998
Pages : 259
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback
Weight : 308 g

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