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<transcy>Transforming Prayer(eBook) (Transformons nos prières (eBook))</transcy>

Daniel Henderson
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It's no wonder that so many people are discouraged by prayer. Instead of an authentic encounter with God, prayer becomes more of a list of requests. Perhaps you also seek the hand of God more often than the face of God.

But how can we enter into real communion with God through prayer? For nearly three decades, renewal spokesperson and Pastor Daniel Henderson has helped countless Christians transform their prayer lives. Now in this book he shows you how:

• Overcome common obstacles to effective prayer

• Revitalize your prayers with simple biblical prayer templates

• Become sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit prompted by passages of the Scriptures

When your personal worship is based on worship, your faith will grow and your entire life will be transformed.

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Daniel Henderson

Pastor for over 25 years, Daniel Henderson has brought prayer-based renewal to many large churches and now devotes most of his energy to helping congregations across the United States experience renewal and transformation.


Despite its importance, very few Christians would say they are satisfied with their prayer life. Instead of accepting this apathy, Daniel invites the reader to seek the face of the Lord in a way that challenges and transforms him. It sets out a practical and doable plan that enables Christians to transform an ordinary prayer life into an extraordinary prayer life. Filled with personal stories and Bible examples, Turning Our Prayers is a clear call to a more compelling prayer life.
- John MacArthur Ph. D., Grace Community Church

Transforming Our Prayers is a message of metamorphosis. In urging us to set aside an individual-centered prayer life of wishlists, Daniel Henderson is gifting a treasure to the body of Christ by inviting us to passionately continue the presence of Jesus. A message distilled from her own journey, developed in her faithful ministry, and delivered with clarity and precision.
- Jennifer Kennedy Dean, The Praying Life Foundation

As I work with pastors and counselors who serve thousands of believers around the world, I am more convinced than ever of the human heart's desperate desire for positive, permanent change. Nothing is more essential to this kind of transformation than the power of prayer. No one knows how to equip believers in prayer better than Daniel Henderson. I have experienced the rationale for his ministry and seen the impact of his teaching. I hope you embrace the power for change presented in this relevant book.
- Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors

When we change the way we pray, God changes the way we live. Sadly, many Christians are stuck in a lifeless prayer routine that leaves them discouraged and confused. Daniel has spent his entire ministry equipping the Church for a powerful prayer life. I am confident that the message of this book will awaken your heart and show you the path to a new level of spiritual intimacy and transformation.
- Jonathan Falwell, Senior Pastor, Baptist Church, Thomas Road

Table of contents

Introduction: The road to real change

Beyond a “list of needs”
The possibility of a transformation
Obstacles to transformation
Face to face
A radiant Moses and a transformed life

The business of the missing list of requests
All prayer requests are not created equal
On the road to glory!
Remain, and you will know how to ask better
The Spirit urges us to supplication
His name corrects our nonsense
His revelation motivates our response

Pray like this and not like that
The transforming prayer for Dummies
Here's how do
Coming out of the closet of prayer
Your role in an organic revival

Privileges, Possibilities, and Provision
Bible Encounters Face to Face with God
Jesus prayed thus:
Requests Paul's Prayer
The Bible and the Glory of God
Application Questions and Chapter-by-Chapter Discussion


Original title : Transforming Prayer
Author : Daniel Henderson
Publisher : Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-92411024-9
Pages : 243
Publication : June 2013
Format : EBook

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Customer Reviews

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Marie Miliene Geneste

Gloire à Dieu. Je pense que tout chrétien qui a pour Sauveur et Seigneur Jésus-Christ devrait lire ce livre. Ce livre a bouleversé ma vie spirituelle, en fait, toute ma vie. Ce livre a complètement changé ma façon de prier. Quand on cherche la face de Dieu et non sa main, combien nos problèmes et nos craintes nous semblent insignifiants, car nous servons un Dieu puissant et miséricordieux. Ses plans dans la vie de ses enfants sont toujours parfaits…Je remercie le Saint-Esprit qui a inspiré l’auteur pour écrire ce livre. Je remercie Dieu qui a permis que je lise ce livre. Maintenant mon défi est comment partager ce message dans mon entourage: ma famille, mon petit groupe, mon église, etc. Mais, Dieu est vivant, il sait absolument tout… Gloire à son nom 🙏