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<transcy>A Call to Prayer (Un appel à la prière)</transcy>

John Charles Ryle
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Prayer is at the heart of the practice of Christianity. It leads to the new birth, strengthens faith, moves mountains, promotes spiritual growth, and produces contentment. Yet, individual prayer is one of the most neglected Christian duties.

In A Call to Prayer , JC Ryle encourages his readers to practice and favor individual prayer by explaining not only the benefits of it, but also the serious dangers reserved for those who pray for it. negligent. He emphasizes that prayer is essential for probing the state of our heart and warns us of the sin that grows in our private life by reminding us that the absence of prayer is the main cause of spiritual distraction in the believer. .

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John Charles Ryle was born in Macclesfield, England in 1816. He converted in 1838 after hearing a sermon on Ephesians 2. At the age of 64 he became bishop of the Anglican Church of Liverpool. He held this post until his death in 1900. JC Ryle was at the same time a pastor, a writer and a great advocate of nascent evangelism during the great revivals of the 18 th century and of the 19 th century. He influenced his time by his direct and vigorous preaching.

Table of contents

1. Prayer is necessary for the salvation of man
2. The Habit of Prayer: A Characteristic Trait Of A True Believer
3. Prayer: The Most Overlooked Bible Ordinance
4. Prayer is a great encouragement
5. A Disciplined Prayer Life: The Secret of Holiness
6. Neglect of prayer
7. Prayer and Content
8. Advice to non-believers
9. Advice to believers


Original title : A Call to Prayer
Author : JC Ryle
Publisher: Impact Héritage
Publication : May 2021
ISBN : 9782924773376
Pages : 60
Dimensions : 5.5 " x 8.5 "
Format : paperback
Weight : 98 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent livre sur la prière

L'approche de l'auteur est différente et explique pourquoi les chrétiens ne prient pas. C'est très inspirant. Je recommande fortement !

Leslie Davis
Tout de JC Ryle est excellent

C'est le meilleur livre sur la prière que j'ai lu. C'est un de ces livres que j'ai besoin de lire souvent.


Excellent livre qui nous donne le goût de se rapprocher de encore plus Dieu, de prier encore plus !