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<transcy> A Fight to the Death (Un combat jusqu'à la mort - La lutte contre le péché chez le chrétien)</transcy>

La lutte contre le péché chez le chrétien

Joshua Mack - Wayne Mack
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The killing of the sin that continues to reside in the child of God is one of the most basic needs of the Christian life. The soul of the modern believer desperately needs a teaching on this subject in order to be equipped and live the new life received from God.

For some, the new birth brings some sort of immunity from the action of sin. Others argue that it is enough to stand aside and let God work. However, these concepts are not found in the reality of life. Even the most devoted believer is engaged in a very harsh and continual fight - a fight to the death.

It is true that Christ won a total victory on the cross, and that his work ensures celestial and eternal bliss for all who belong to him. But even when struck with a mortal blow, the enemy redoubled in fury and perversity. And it has many access points in our flesh.

Alone, no man can face him successfully. But, in the strength of Christ, the fight is not lost. The believer needs to remember what "killing sin" means. He must not forget what the Bible tells him. Sin is a liar with a hung but forked tongue. Listening to it is fatal.

A clear and lucid book, very practical and accessible, which is an asset in the arsenal of the Church of Christ for its spiritual warfare.


Wayne Mack - Trained in top theological training institutions, he is engaged in an educational ministry, both in the United States and in South Africa. He is also involved in several associations in favor of a Christian faith based on the Bible and belongs to the administrative committee of Publicaciones Faro de Gracia, a Spanish language publishing house. He is involved in numerous conferences in several countries.

Joshua Mack - After several years as pastor of a church in Pennsylvania, he now leads Grace Community in Pretoria, South Africa, where he resides with his family. He is also co-author of several books with his father, Wayne.

Table of contents


Part 1: Why fight against sin?
1. Food for thought
2. Know your enemy
3. The world's worst despot
4. More and more stupid
5. Why does it sound so good, if it is so bad?

Part 2: How to put sin to death
6. What does “put sin to death” mean?
7. You can kill sin because…
8. You don't sin alone
9. Watch out for special moments
10. Do you know well
11. Refuse to listen to the sales pitch of sin
12. Learn from your failures
13. Final lessons on the killing of sin


Original title: A Fight to the Death
Publisher : Europresse
Authors : Wayne Mack & Joshua Mac
ISBN : 978-2-914562-59-1
Pages : 170
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8 , 5 "
Format : paperback
Weight : 208 g

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Customer Reviews

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André Carpentier

Nous étudions ce livre en 3 groupes de 5 femmes de notre assemblée. C'est la première fois que nous prenons un sujet aussi pointu pour nos études mais je crois personnellement que chaque croyant devrait lire ce livre, il est trop facile de tourner le dos à la doctrine du péché parce qu'elle nous confronte avec notre propre coeur. Le péché est grave et tres dangeureux, nous devons combattre le péché dans nos vies sinon il nous détruira; nous et ceux autour de nous, le péché est un offense grave d'abord envers notre Dieu. Une prise de conscience du péché est nécessaire, une sincère repentance indispensable, c'est un combat jusqu'à la mort. Je recommande ce livre,