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<transcy>A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Un conte de deux royaumes)</transcy>

Heather Kendall
by Impact
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A biblical theology of the kingdom

Many Christians have benefited greatly from the teaching given in their churches and in Sunday school, and they have an adequate knowledge of the characters and major topics covered in the Bible. However, an overview of the progressive revelation of God can contribute to a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures. By their very nature, the Scriptures first present us with truths in embryonic form, and then these truths find their full fulfillment in the person and work of Christ.

After years of careful research, the author presents the unfolding of biblical history as it traces the conflict between the kingdoms of Christ and that of Satan. In Revelation, the final triumph is beyond doubt. The maps, diagrams and documentation provided provide additional tools and encourage us to continue our research. We believe that Heather Kendall's book will prove to be a blessing for many.


We live in a time when it is vital for Christians to communicate the big picture of what constitutes our faith. Not just in scattered bits and pieces, as true as they are, but in stating how Christianity explains life as we know it, and interprets the origins of man and the end towards which this universe is heading. A Tale of Two Kingdoms accomplishes precisely this goal. It evokes this great picture, having God at its center, not in technical terms, but in a way that is faithful to the Bible.
- Dr. Michael AG Haykin, Professor of Church History and biblical spirituality, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

I enjoyed reading various excerpts from your book. The theme of promised offspring is one of the main threads of theology that runs throughout all of Scripture. Thank you for raising and highlighting this topic. You have done a tremendous amount of work which I believe will be of interest to those who study the Word seriously, as well as those involved in theological and pastoral training.
- Rev. Todd Riley, Islington Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario

Table of contents


Part 1: waiting for the promised offspring
1. The Beginning of the War
2. The Development of Satan's Kingdom
3. The Founding Fathers of the Faith
4. The Formation of the Nation of Israel
5. King David
6. Israel: The Northern Kingdom
7. Judah: The Southern Kingdom
8. The Fall of Judah
9. Captivity
10. A second chance for Israel
11. The years of silence

Part two: in response to the promised offspring
1. The birth of the promised offspring
2. The Ministry of Jesus
3. The Early Church
4. Letters to the Churches
5. The Apostolic Fathers

The Maps - Compiled by Debra Kendall
Figure 1 The World in the Time of the Founding Fathers
Figure 2 The World in the Time of Moses
Figure 3 The Empire of David and Solomon
Figure 4 Zion, the city of David
Figure 5 The world in the time of Jesus, the promised descendants


Author : Kendall, Heather
Original title : A Tale of Two Kingdoms
​​Publisher: Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-271-9
Pages : 434
Dimensions : 5.4''x8.3 ''
Weight : 490 g < br> Publication : April 2016
Format : paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Destin
À lire absolument !

Un livre qui met en déroute nos prépositions d'interprétations dite biblique afin de l'amener sur le chemin de la liberté que le christianisme propose. À lire par toutes ceux qui sont sérieux dans leur recherche d'une interprétation de l'histoire sainte qui se trouve dans les 66 livres de la Bible. Peu importe votre croyance, chrétienne ou pas ce livre est un incontournable en 2016.