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<transcy>A doctor faced with the fear of death (Un médecin face à la peur de la mort)</transcy>

Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella
by CLÉ
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Death is obvious ... a taboo subject ... a deadline to be pushed back at all costs ... Is there a way to approach it calmly?

Our society has decided to overcome it technically, to prolong life indefinitely. But as this African proverb tells us so well, “death is a garment that everyone will wear. "

As a general practitioner, Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella has been close to death for more than 40 years. Through a brief history of medicine and the relationship to death, he invites us to see how humanity went from the desire to cure to that of cure, then finally to that of wanting to save man from death. dead.

Is the solution immortality? or rather a total control of death through assisted suicide and euthanasia? or a new perspective that recognizes the limits of life and offers a different attitude towards death, with the development of palliative care? And what about the expectation of a life after death? Can we heal death through the spiritual?

Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella shares with us his triple experience as a doctor, man and Christian to provide an answer to these difficult questions that will allow us to calmly address the fear of death and death itself.

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This book will help you:

  • Learn more about how death was viewed over the centuries.
  • Consider the consequences of the quest for immortality.
  • Understanding the Christian perspective of death and the afterlife.

Highlight of the book:

  • 40 years of experience in medicine and in supporting people at the end of life.
  • An ethical approach to all issues underlying death.
  • Universal subject.


  • Anyone who wants to think about death, immortality, euthanasia and transhumanism.
  • Those who want to understand the Christian perspective on death.
  • Nursing staff or involved in supporting people who are sick or at the end of their life.

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Vincent RÉBEILLÉ-BORGELLA is a general practitioner in Lyon. He held trade union responsibilities as general secretary of the main trade union of general practitioners. He also works with students of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon Est as a teacher in the 3 e cycle of general medicine and as an internship supervisor. He accompanies students and health personnel within his church in Villeurbanne.


Vincent REBEILLE-BORGELLA with his experience as a general practitioner has followed families sometimes up to 4 generations. He is a field doctor, a family doctor as we often say, who shares his thoughts on the perception of death over the course of history with a well-documented account. He tells us how, by reading the Bible, his conversion to Jesus Christ changed his outlook on death both in his personal and professional life. He was able to write a fascinating and easy-to-read book while enriching his text with numerous quotes and references with the concern for the precision that we know him.
- Jean-Yves Comelli, general practitioner and author of End of life (EDC)

This book with both historical, philosophical and spiritual content can help each of us face the questions posed by the certainty of death, our own death and that of a loved one, we can draw inspiration from it to accompany with dignity and spiritually, a patient at the end of his life.
- Christine Charpentier, pharmacist

Table of contents
Brief History of Medicine and Death
Religion and Medicine: Healing. From Antiquity to the French Revolution
Modern medicine: cure. From 1789 to the present day
The Present World: Saving From Death
"Can Google End Death?" »
Death from death or save yourself from death by postponing its deadline thanks to advances in medicine and science
Induced death: choose your own death or save yourself from death by mastering it
Accompany death or save yourself from death by rehumanizing it - palliative care
The fourth dimension
Healing death through the spiritual: life after death or life despite death
Spiritual needs
What the Bible tells us
Afterword: Death has no more power over him
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Author : Vincent Rébeillé-Borgella
Publisher : Clé
Publication : January 2021
ISBN : 978-2-35843-139-2
​​Pages : 165
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 202 g

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