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<transcy>Gospel Centered Kids Ministry (eBook) (Un ministère auprès des enfants centré sur l'Évangile (eBook))</transcy>

Brian Dembowczyk
by Impact
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Seven out of ten children will leave the Church by the age of eighteen, according to a study. About five of them will return when they have their own families. But two will never come back. There is obviously a problem somewhere.

The story of Jesus interacting with the disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection provides a glimpse of what a gospel-centered ministry to children looks like: a teaching that introduces Jesus in every lesson, a transformation that aims to change the heart of the child before his behavior, and a mission in which children engage in order to take part in the great story of Jesus.

As those responsible for children's ministries, we need to make sure that we provide children with the one thing that will truly satisfy them and fuel their love for the Church: the gospel. In this book, the author presents us with a plan to achieve this. He also offers different ways for us to communicate with other leaders and parents to encourage them in our ministry.

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Brian Dembowczyk served in a church for sixteen years, including pastor with children, students and families. He is currently the editor of LifeWay Christian Resources Gospel Project ( The Gospel Project ). Brian received a doctorate in preaching from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, an MA in divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is still pursuing his doctoral studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

"Everything the Bible says, from Genesis to Revelation, should be taught to adults and children alike. This book helps us understand that and equips us to accomplish this task. Easy to read, it will be a source of encouragement to anyone who wishes to communicate a transformative message, that is, the message of the gospel. "
- Anne-Marie De Leeuw, Sunday school teacher, Evangelical Baptist Church Terrebonne-Mascouche

" A gospel-centered ministry to children is a vibrant call to tell our children the Story of God in which Jesus is the main character. Brian Dembowczyk pleads that the gospel alone will transform the hearts of our children. Through these pages, he demonstrates that the gospel must be present and central in every sphere of ministry to children. This book is a gem for the mother that I am. »
- Annie Dagenais, project coordinator for Le Projet Évangile ; project manager at the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Quebec (AEBEQ)

"How should we teach children?" Should we just teach them how to be wise and make sure they know all the stories in the Bible? Another way than that of moralism or intellectualism is possible. This book has the crucial benefit of having a much bigger and beautiful purpose, and that is to lead them to Christ! »
- Valérie Charrier, responsible for the ministry for children, Les Deux Rives Church, Toulouse, France

“This book by Brian Dembowczyk should be a foundational work for children's ministry. Short and easy to read, it presents an informed and fair view of the purpose behind teaching children: to transform their lives through the power of the gospel. The content of the book is relevant, compelling and compelling. The author reminds us that children are not just the Church of tomorrow; they are our hope for the present. »
- Lise Lalonde, children's ministry coordinator, Le Sentier Church, Gatineau, Quebec

“Brian has had a huge impact on our family. For several years now, my children have attended ministry meetings for them that use The Gospel Project , a gospel-centered teaching program that Brian contributes to each week. They not only learn Bible stories there, but they also learn how they reflect Jesus. My children, like me, need him to transform and renew their hearts. As a father, I am very grateful for the vision of ministry that is portrayed in this book. »
- Eric Geiger, Vice-President, LifeWay Christian Resources

"I am delighted whenever I see former children's ministry leaders, like Brian Dembowczyk, who sound the alarm bells to denounce moralistic substitutes for the gospel. They are leading the charge to provide our children with the great Bible story instead of just telling them Bible stories. When we serve our children, our goal should be the transformation of their hearts, which can only happen through an encounter with Jesus through the gospel. I'm grateful for the way Brian guides us in the right direction. »
- Trevin Wax, editor at B&H, director of publication for Le Projet Évangile , author of Gospel-Centered Teaching: Showing Christ in All the Scripture

“Every Christian leader and parent understands what a tremendous privilege and responsibility it is to pass the faith on to the next generation. Statistics tell us that once they become adults, only 30% of children remain anchored in the faith. These numbers should both alarm us and strengthen our commitment to making disciples of our children. In A Gospel-Centered Ministry to Children , Brian Dembowczyk calls out to the Church without subterfuge or passing phenomena. The answer does not lie in guilt-ridden moralism or a call to change behavior. It is found in applying the beauty and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to little hearts. Brian Dembowczyk defends his vision with deep theology, being stirred by a warm shepherd's heart. This book is a precious gift for the whole Church. »
- Matthew Z. Capps (D. Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Senior Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Apex, North Carolina

Table of contents

Preface to the French edition

Part One - When the Gospel is Held on the Margins
1. Failure is not an option
2. Church, we have a problem
3. Benches and Empty Hearts
4. Ministry to Children: The Key to Avoiding Losing Young Adults
5. Mobilization of all resources
6. Is the Church doomed?

Part Two - A Gospel-Centered Teaching
7. Stories in History: Finding Meaning in Existence in the Gospel
8. Disparate Histories and Self-Improvement: How I Was Taught the Bible
9. The Gospel - What Our Children Really Need
10. The Myth of Children's Bible Stories
11. It is always the darkest hour before dawn: the reasons why we need the gospel
12. Beauty from the Ashes: The Hope of the Gospel

Part Three - A Gospel-Centered Transformation
13. When you want to know more: Finding beauty in the Gospel
14. Be Like David: A Moralistic Application
15. Look at Jesus: An Application Related to the Gospel
16. A Desire to Obey: How the Gospel Transforms Us
17. The Pharisees and Their Hollow Obedience
18. The Gospel in the Sermon on the Mount
19. The Church: a community of transformed people

Part Four - A Gospel-Centered Mission
20. Here we go: Finding Meaning in Your Life Through the Gospel
21. Folding Tables: Are Children the Church of Tomorrow?
22. One Church, One Mission
23. Children on a mission
24. A mission field ready for harvest

Part Five - Gospel-Centered Leaders
25. Showing the way: the weight of the leadership role.
26. We Need You: Recruiting Honestly
27. Teaching the Gospel: Leading Children as a Theologian
28. Transformation through the Gospel: the leader among children, as a disciple
29. The mission of the gospel: the leader to children, as a missionary

Part Six - Gospel-Centered Parents
30. The Basics of Parenthood: Chema
31. The House and the Church
32. Teaching the Gospel: Teaming Up with Parents as Theologians
33. Transformation through the Gospel: Teaming Up with Parents as Disciples
34. The mission of the gospel: teaming up with parents as missionaries

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Original title : Gospel Centered Kids Ministry
Author : Brian Dembowczyk
Publisher: Impact
Publication : May 2020
ISBN : 9782890824010
Format : eBook