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<transcy>Shepherding a child's heart (Un berger pour son coeur (nouvelle édition))</transcy>

Tedd Tripp
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Your child's behavior is just the tip of the iceberg.

Educating your child well does not mean doing everything to ensure that he presents well on the outside. The Bible says, "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

This book will help you speak to your child's heart because their heart is behind their behavior. Tedd Tripp's insightful and insightful analysis is complemented by plenty of anecdotes and practical tips to help you in your day-to-day life.

The issues for each age group are discussed, from infancy to adolescence.

Are you looking for guidelines and advice to guide your child on the path of life? This book will restore your confidence and help you in your beautiful and noble mission as a parent.

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Tedd Tripp - Pastor, teacher and consultant. Tedd dedicates his life to developing the potential of Christian leaders. After years of pastoral experience, he now trains leaders, pastors and missionaries in over thirty countries. He is married and the father of four grown children.

Table of contents

Preface by David Powlison

PART ONE - The Foundations of Bible Education

1. Getting to the heart of behavior
2. Childhood Development: Influences
3. The development of the child: his spiritual orientation
4. Masters on board
5. Analysis of objectives
6. Review our objectives
7. Getting Rid of Non-Biblical Methods
8. Adopting a Biblical Approach: Communication
9. Adopting a Biblical Approach: Different Types of Communication
10. Adopting a Biblical Approach: A Life of Communication
11. Taking a Biblical Approach: Spanking
12. Taking a Biblical Approach: The Call to Conscience
13. Guiding a child's heart (summary)

PART TWO - Guiding and supporting at every stage of a child's development

14. Early childhood: the objectives
15. Early childhood: methods
16. Childhood: the goals
17. Childhood: methods
18. Adolescence: the goals
19. Adolescence: the methods


Posted in Europe under the title : Proud of you, son!
Original title : Shepherding a child's heart
: Tedd Tripp
Publisher: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924110-72-0
Publication : 2015
Pages : 285
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Format : paperback